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Honours Roll

Izwan Bin Indra, 2018 Chong Pang's Next Top Speaker

Izwan Bin Indra_website.jpg

Izwan Bin Indra (3E2) was declared 2018 Chong Pang's Next Top Speaker after battling with 8 other finalists. He exuded commanding stage presence and delivered his speech with conviction and flair. A pertinent speech (entitled Anti-social Social Network) wrapped in sincerity and adorned with a sprinkle of humour, it made us laugh, and it made us think. He also won the Crowd Favourite for Prepared Speech. Watch Izwan in action below.

Mercado Jose Gabriel Domingo (1E1) was the other finalist from Ahmad Ibrahim Secondary. Although he is only Secondary One, he delivered his speech with much confidence. Watch Gabriel in action below.

Winner of Unseen Poetry Debate at National Schools Literature Festival

Winner of Unseen Poetry Debate at National Schools Literature Festival.jpg
One may say it was beginner’s luck that 4 students bagged a trophy in their maiden debate competition, but a stroke of luck it wasn’t. With all the weeks of practice, mock debates with teachers, and video-calling to discuss and hone their arguments, these Pure Literature students from 4E3 demonstrated nothing less than pure grit and determination, scrutinising two poems in preparation for the Unseen Poetry Debate. New and inexperienced in debate they might have been, but won the praise of the judges they did for their close analysis. Winning despite being up against a debate-trained team from Evergreen Secondary School really gave these 4 young ladies a boost of confidence! Congratulations, Sarah, Sarefina, Serena and Chi Rou!

1. Sarah Tan Xin Hui 4E3
2. Sarefina Sindhu Victor 4E3
3. Yong Yi Xuan, Serena 4E3
4. Tay Chi Rou 4E3

Jessica Long received the North West Outstanding All-Rounder Student Award 2018

Jessica Long.jpg
Jessica Long of 4E4 (2018) received the North West Outstanding All-Rounder Student Award 2018 in recognition of her achievements in the following domains:
    Community Service
    Her volunteerism and involvement in caring for the environment.

Congratulations, Jessica! You are an inspiration to all of us!

The Queen's Commonwealth Essay Competition 2017

The Queen’s Commonwealth Essay Competition is the world’s oldest schools’ international writing competition, managed by The Royal Commonwealth Society since 1883. Every year, it offers all Commonwealth youth aged 18 and under the opportunity to express their hopes for the future, opinions of the present, and thoughts on the past through the written word. The competition is used by individuals and teachers to build confidence, develop writing skills, support creativity and encourage critical thinking, using literacy to empower young people to become global citizens.

This year’s theme invited young people to reflect on the topic of ‘A Commonwealth for Peace’. Over 12,300 young people from across the Commonwealth entered the Competition.

Among the 18 entries from Ahmad Ibrahim Secondary School, the following three students achieved commendable results:

Gold Award: Allyn Tay Shi Yi (2E4)
Silver Award: Leong Wai Yip Winston (1E3)
Bronze Award: Chloe Kaitlyn Leung Hui En (2E2)

31st YMCA Plain English Speaking Awards (PESA)

PESA Logo.png
This year, total of four students from the Public Speaking Programme represented the school to take part in the 31st Plain English Speaking Awards (PESA), an annual public-speaking competition organised by the YMCA.

Lau Jiaxi (1E2) and Loke Xin Yue (2N1) participated in the Lower Secondary category, while Chan Jun Da Edward (3E4) and Nawal bte Muhammad Mustafah (3E4) took part in the Upper Secondary category.

International Competitions and Assessments for Schools (ICAS) English Competition


62 students from Secondary One and Secondary Two took part in the 2017 ICAS English assessment organised by the University of New South Wales. In this international assessment, students are assessed in their reading and language skills, where they are required to locate, identify, interpret, infer and synthesise information in and about texts.

This year, the school achieved a total of 5 Distinction, 22 Credit and 5 Merit awards.

1E1 Hulda Grace Teo 2E3 Beer-Sheba Tan
1E4 Alysia Nadia Binte Mohamed Satria 2E4 Chaves John Benryk Barnedo
1E4 Lim Yue Long, Xavier

1E1 Muhammad Mujahid Bin Nazaruddin 1E4 Hiap Xin Yi Darleene
1E2 Tan Qing Wen 1E4 Lee Yong Wei
1E2 Ammar Fariheen Bin Shaffiq 1E4 Lucas Tan Jia Le
1E2 Angel Oh Shi Qi 1E4 Shanice Tan Hui
1E2 Chong Kar Yan 2E2 Erni Faizah Bte Iskandar
1E2 Heng Jin Long 2E2 John Kenneth Layba Agpaoa
1E2 Isabel Hah Rui En 2E2 Nicole Kayle Penaanda Dacumos
1E2 Muhammad Ilhan Bin Emran 2E3 John Rajan Kenisha Janet
1E2 Sammi Wong Zi He 2E3 Ernest Ng Ming Yi
1E2 Seah Ka Min 2E4 Nyimas Fasya 'Ayuni Bte K M H
1E3 Beh Long Jek Lucius 2N1 Nyla Chempaka Dewi Bte I

1E2 Chua Chong Yee Keith 2E4 Nova Litty Augustine
1E3 Leong Wai Yip Winston 2N2 Ariel Kwa Jie Yun
1E4 Puar Chin Yi, Theseus


The International Competitions and Assessments for Schools (ICAS) assesses and measures how students fare on an international scale, involving over two million students from over 20 countries each year. In 2016, 35 Secondary One students were selected to participate in the ICAS English Competition, of which 14 received Certificates of Credit and Merit. Mave Ong (1E2) was awarded the Certificate of Distinction, which recognises participants who scored the top 11% of their cohort.

ICAS English Competition Awardees
Mave Ong Qing Xuan (1E2)
Austin Q. Hilario (1E1)
Deen Latoza Ferozdeen (1E1)
Wong Wai Yi (1E1)
Erni Faizah Bte Iskandar (1E2)
Nicole Kayle Penaanda Dacumos (1E2)
Chaves John Benryk Barnedo (1E4)
Jessie Phay Jie Xin (1E4)
Nova Litty Augustine (1E4)
Zuryn Aisyah Bte Zainudin (1E4)
Ariel Kwa Jie Yun (1E2)
John Kenneth Layba Agpaoa (1E2)
Beer-Sheba Tan (1E3)
Ernest Ng Ming Yi (1E3)
Amanndave Singh Bessi (1N2)

N.E.mation 11

This year, AI students from a variety of CCAs joined the Nemation! 11 media competition and emerged as third position in the finals. Our team [Blank Space] created the video clip named the “Our Five Pillars of Defence” and were featured in various media such as the Newpaper and the Pioneer magazine. It was an exciting learning journey for us !

AI Students performed during Singapore Youth Festival

This July, our AI students represented the school at the Singapore Youth Festival Celebrations around the nation. Themed YOUTHforia!, this year’s SYF Celebrations seeks to encourage the youth to act on their inspirations and dreams to achieve their ideals and a promising future.

Nur Amirah Bte Rohaizad, Izzarilhan B Selamat, Sarefina Sindhu Victor, Kalaivani D/O Regupathy, and Natasha Eliza Tan Hui Ling performed their arrangement of “Happy” (William Pharrell) at Causeway Point on 9 July. These Secondary 1 – 3 AI students met through the Youth Arts Incubation Programme (supported by the Business Times Budding Artists Fund), having been talent-identified through their General Music Programme in school.

We’re very proud of these musically talented students, and look forward to hearing more from them in the future!

Congratulations to Tiffany Ang Li Shan


AISS's EMP & MPC Students Featured in Singapore Rhapsodies at the National Gallery Singapore

On 29th January 2016, our students from the pioneer batches of the Enhanced Music Programme and Music Preparatory Course performed at the launch event for Singapore Rhapsodies, a concert series at the National Gallery Singapore that seeks to preserve and celebrate Singapore’s rich music heritage.

Adelyn Koh (Sec 3), Koh Ming Yang (Sec 1) and Jessie Phay (Sec 1) performed on the iconic red Steinway piano at the National Gallery’s Singapore Courtyard. Adelyn, who performed her original composition titled “Friendship”, was interviewed by The Straits Times. She said that it was great to be able to perform on the red Steinway piano, and it sounded much grander than the pianos she rehearsed on.

Click here for more



SYF Art Exhibition 2014

Congratulations to Alecia Chua Qin Ying and An Si Tong of Secondary 5N2 whose works were shortlisted and featured at this year’s Singapore Youth Festival Art Exhibition 2014, which were held at Lasalle College of the Arts. Their works went through two rounds of judging before it made it to the exhibition. Another student, ex AI Muhammad Khairi , whose work from 2 years ago was shortlisted, received the Certificate of Participation.

Alecia Chua Qin Ying and An Si Tong both received the Certificate of Recognition (Special Mention) and Certificate of Recognition in Category B respectively at the Singapore Youth Festival Exhibition 2014.

Their mentor, Art Teacher Ms Nur Syahira is very proud of them. As this is the year that they have to juggle the challenges of schoolwork in order to do well in their national exams, they not only displayed a powerful mastery of graphite on paper, they have exemplified the AI values of resilience, responsibility and excellence.

Alecia Chua Qin Ying
Alecia Chua Qin Ying
Alecia’s work entitled “Chance” deals with the subject of love.

She says, “Love is like a game of chance...sometimes you win, sometimes you lose...sometimes you soar, sometimes you crash.”<br>

Her work is also mentioned at MOE’s facebook page.

An Si Tong
An Si Tong
Si Tong investigates her life and identity - observing, analyzing, evaluating her experiences and thoughts.

Human Values Drama Festival 2014

Text from The Straits Times 5th August 2014

“Ahmad Ibrahim Secondary School student Phua Jia Heng,15, bagged the Best Actor award for his convincing portrayal of an autistic boy at the final of the Human Values Drama Festival at the Republic Polytechnic yesterday. More than 500 students from 26 schools took part in this year’s festival which aims to promote good values through theatre performances. “

“Ahmad Ibrahim is especially proud of Phua Jia Heng as he embodies the spirit of resilience and the value of diligence by managing his time and the dual challenges of rehearsal and his preliminary exams well. Kudos to Ji Heng! We are very proud of him.” Jocelyn Liao, Teacher-in-Charge of ODDS

All Singapore Secondary Mathematics Competition for Normal Course Students 2013

We wish to congratulate the following students of AISS:

Jasper Tay Hao Wei of 2N1 for winning the individual prize for the Lower Secondary Normal Academic category of the "All Singapore Secondary Mathematics Competition for Normal Course Students 2013" with 20th position out of a total of 177 participants in his category.

N.E.mation 7

AISS has emerged as the Champion of the competition N.E.mation 7,

We would like to thank and congratulate the team, consisting of Frances, Marcus Yeo, Xin Hui and Kar Yan all from Secondary 3.
Also not forgetting the teachers in charge; Ms Carine Liauw, Mdm Irene Yong, Mrs Silia Goh and Mr Fauzi as well as the students' parents who have been supporting them all this time!

We would like to thank all who voted for our team 'We want to go to USA' and making their dream come true, we truely appreciate all the help!

Below are the links for the publications that the students were featured in: