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Applied Learning Programme


Applied Learning Programme (ALP)

Critical Social Inquiry and Media Literacy (CSI-ALP)

What is the Applied Learning Programme (ALP) at AISS?

The school’s ALP is Critical Social Inquiry and Media Literacy.

What is the aim of the ALP?

Our ALP aims to develop our students for the future while keeping them grounded in strong values and a concern for others in the community. Through the ALP, students grow to be critical thinkers, confident communicators and effective and discerning users of media, who care for others in the community.


Does every AI student go through the ALP?

Yes, all students experience the ALP lessons in Secondary 1 and 2.

Beyond lessons, students are also exposed to enrichment programmes such as talks with industry experts, to help them better understand developments in the real world.

Students who are keen to deepen their skills further can sign up for ALP-related competitions or workshops when these opportunities arise.

What do students learn in ALP Lessons?

Our students explore real-life issues in society, taking direction from larger national policies in Singapore such as Smart Nation and Sustainability.

Critical Thinkers. In lessons, students analyse societal issues so as to better understand their causes and implications from multiple perspectives. In doing so, students are guided in making interdisciplinary connections, bringing together what they have learned in other subjects such the Humanities, Languages, Art, Science, Mathematics and Citizenship and Character Education. Why is this important?

The COVID-19 pandemic has shown how quickly external environments can change, affecting industries, livelihoods, and even the way we work and learn. Our students must be prepared for such disruptions in future. They must possess the flexibility of mind to exploit new opportunities in times of change. This ability to see across disciplines, as honed in our ALP, will help them do so.

Confident Communicators with a Heart for Others. Beyond just understanding societal issues, students need to be able to articulate their findings so as to effect change. In lessons, students learn how to create meaningful digital products (e.g., digital infographics, comics, videos) so as to communicate what they have learned and the solutions they have generated. The aim is to persuade others around them to do their part for society.

Effective and Discerning Users of Media. In our ALP, students learn to be more discerning when accessing information online. They hone their skills in distinguishing reliable information from fake news and learn how the media can, at times, portray information from a certain angle to achieve a desired outcome.

Where can I learn more about the school’s ALP?

If you’d like to learn more about what our students experience in the ALP and view some of the digital products done by our students, head over to https://alpataiss.wixsite.com/aiss

Sec 1 ALP Lessons

For the first time ever, our Secondary 1 students created their very own Digital Manga comic strip where they get to put their creativity and originality to the test as to raise awareness on various social issues.

They had fun creating their own anime characters from scratch and incorporated smart nation

technologies into their comic content. Be amaze by their ideas- they sure have a futuristic eye!

3 Photos.jpg

Sec 2 ALP Lessons

Our Secondary 2 students had an insightful ALP experience this year as they explored the theme of Sustainability. They delved into three topics related to sustainability, i.e. food wastage, fast fashion, and single-use plastics and put on their collaborative thinking caps as they conducted their own research on one of these three topics using the S.U.R.E method as well as the PACC thinking model. Armed with solid research and statistics, our students educated their peers on the importance of sustainability for Singapore by piecing together their research, filming skills, and creativity to produce quality docu-dramas that were presented during the ALP Fiesta.

ALP Fiesta celebrates the multiple media works of the students and gives recognition for the best digital manga and docu-drama in the various aspects of the media form such as storyboarding and post video production. Our group of student helpers and ALP Representatives are ever helpful to make the prize presentation and award show a success!

Celebrating Students Successes

ALP Fiesta celebrates the multiple media works of the students and gives recognition for the best digital manga and docu-drama in the various aspects of the media form such as storyboarding and post video production. Our group of student helpers and ALP Representatives are ever helpful to make the prize presentation and award show a success!


What kind of stretch opportunities do we provide students beyond ALP lessons?

Beyond classroom-based lessons, the school’s ALP provides numerous opportunities to stretch students’ abilities.

Learning Journey

This year our group of ALP class representatives from Secondary 1 and 2s visited Gardens By The Bay to discover the sustainable strategies at the Gardens, how plants adapt to the environment and the threats they face in the context of habitat destruction and climate change. This opportunity allowed them first hand experience to see the behind the scenes in making this attraction one of the most visited place in Singapore. As our students enjoy the sights and sounds of the 2 domes, they are exposed to the various energy sustainability strategies at Gardens by the Bay to understand the need for conservation and living responsibly.


Food Sustainability Awareness

In partnership with Singapore Food Agency (SFA), Lower Secondary students learned about Singapore's sustainable food practices via Zoom talks and exhibition panels. The topic piqued students' interests, making them curious about the interdisciplinary nature of food sustainability in Singapore. In October, we also welcomed Mr Darren Ho from Singapore Young Farmers to share his experiences and insights.

Applied Learning Module @ Ngee Ann Polytechnic – Social Innovations for Future Change

A group of Secondary 3 students had a productive March holiday by participating in the Applied Learning Module (ApLM) that took place between 16-18 March 2022, in collaboration with Ngee Ann Polytechnic (NP).

Over 3 days, our students obtained a sneak peek into what life as a polytechnic student was like. With guidance from NP’s lecturer, Ms. Regina Chin, they explored societal issues like poverty, stigma of society towards ex-offenders and looking out for migrant workers’ welfare. These issues are synonymous to our daily interactions with various segments of the community such as the elderly, and also the needy. Students worked in groups to innovate feasible but exciting solutions. This also made possible as the students draw their inspiration from real-life institutes such as the visit to the Enabling Village and the Singapore Science Centre.