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Outdoor Learning Experience

Outdoor Learning Experience (OLE) is a holistic, school wide programs lead by the PE department, involving all teachers, introduced since year 2005. With the accordance as the school’s Learning for Programme (LLP) status starting in 2015, the learning outcomes and programmes have been reconceptualised, further developed and expanded.

OLE is AISS’ signature programme as every AI student will experience it over their years in the school. The programme design covers three main domains with a three-tiered structure. The three main domains are Outdoor Education, Environmental Education and Personal & Social Development. Tier one programme is a broad-based, developmental programme for all students that spans from Sec 1 to 3. Tier two programme provides further development opportunities for those with higher interests and abilities. Tier three programme focuses on developing Outdoor and Environmental Leaders who will champion the cause of environmental education and lead in outdoor learning.

The Outdoor Education domain covers outdoor skills development and risks management. The activities are planned to challenge the individual beyond his/her comfort zone, requiring both physical and mental resilience to achieve success. We adopt the practice of Challenge by Choice for the participant, aiming at creating positive, memorable and successful experiences for the students.

Environmental Education focuses on developing students’ knowledge about the historical, environmental aspects of the outdoor places, aesthetic appreciation of nature and the outdoors, understanding of its associated problems, awareness and motivation of how to help and contribute in solving these problems.

Personal and Social Development (PSR) domain provides a framework for students to think and reflect on their learning experiences. The process of facilitated reflections provides a framework for students to check their affective and character development. They also develop critical thinking skills in the process.

Over the years, OLE has provided the unique collective memories that define the AI identity and heritage as batches after batches of AI students still remember it years after they leave school.

Our Programme was featured in SingTeach | Education Research for Teachers:

OLE 1 (Term 2 Week 9, 17th to 20th May)

The focus of their experience and learning is on acquiring both land and water outdoor skills, awareness of local Outdoor icons and understanding of self. The Secondary One pupils had a 4-day non-residential camp. Their experiences include
  • Trekking @ Southern Ridges and visit to Labrador for kite flying experience (1 Day)
  • Level One Sports Climbing Certification Course (1 Day)
  • One-Star Kayaking Certification Course (2 Days)

OLE 2 (Term 2 Week 10, 24th to 27th May)

The focus for OLE2 is on developing awareness on role and responsibility of self in team through their 4D3N camping experience, building adventurous spirit, building self-confidence and resilience, and lastly, awareness of environmental issues in our local natural environment.

The Secondary Two pupils had a 3-day residential camp @ Changi Coast MOE Adventure Centre. Their experiences include
  • Land Expedition from McRitchie Reservoir Park to Bukit Timah Nature Reserve
  • Challenge Rope Course and Rock Climbing at Changi Coast MOE Adventure Centre
  • Cycling from Changi Coast MOE Adventure Centre to Garden by the Bay
  • Kayaking Expedition from the Sembawang Beach to the Seletar Island

OLE 3 (Term 2 Week 9, 17th to 20th May)

The focus of OLE 3 is to provide opportunities for the students to apply outdoor skills learnt in previous experiences, to develop personal and social responsibility through post-activity reflections, and lastly, to enhance their geographical and environmental awareness of outdoor places in Malaysia and in Singapore.

The Sec 3 Normal and Technical classes pupils had a 4D3N outdoor learning experience Gopeng Malaysia. Their experiences include
  • White Water Rafting
  • Waterfall Abseiling
  • Caving
  • Community Involvement Project

A new program was introduced for the Sec 3 Express students, focusing on learning and experience in local outdoor environment. Adapted from Place-based Education approach, the programme allows us to reduce level of adventure and challenges, hence to increase form teachers’ involvement in achieving the intended learning outcomes.

Their camping experience include
  • Coastal-mangrove kayaking experience at Pulau Ubin
  • Class picnic organization experience St John’s Island
  • Cycling at Park Connector and Railway Corridor. On route visit to Commonwealth Secondary School (CWSS) to learn about their Environmental Education programme