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Our Belief

Every child has something good waiting to appear, it just takes
        the right people,
        the right time and
        the right words and actions
        to bring it out.

Our Role

In supporting school vision of Caring School, Learning Community, we strive to preserve a safe and conducive environment for all students to learn and for all teachers to teach by:

  1. Setting the tone of behaviour for all students;
  2. Correcting and restoring offenders into the AI learning community;
  3.  and Inculcating in students AI Core Values of Responsibility, Resilience, Respect, Care, Integrity, Harmony and Excellence.

Partnership with Parents

  1. Update your latest contact numbers with the school;
  2. Help to monitor your child’s activities outside school;
  3. Make time to conference with your child and the school;
  4. Keep reminding and encouraging your child to work towards their goal; and
  5.  Keep in close communication with the form-teachers / subject-teachers through face-to-face meetings, emails or phone calls