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Character Citizen Education

About Us

Character and Citizenship Education (CCE), including National Education (NE), and Social and Emotional Learning (SEL), are integral to the holistic development of our students, leading to positive life outcomes. CCE 2021 provides an integrated approach to addressing our students’ development of values, character, social-emotional well-being, and citizenship dispositions in a coherent and holistic way.

Serving as a broader foundation for the holistic development of students, the school utilizes the progressive and spiraling curriculum strategy in the enactment of CCE lessons and student development experiences (SDEs) to impart the “AI RISE (Resilience, Integrity, Steadfastness, Excellence) with Care, Courage and Gratitude”, the school values that are embodied by Encik Ahmad Ibrahim. Through the inculcation of these values, the school envisions the development of the “AI Thinker” who can utilise their cognitive skills and experiences to become active and responsible individuals to their families, communities, the nation, and beyond.


CCE Lessons and School-based Programmes

Led by the team of Specialised CCE Teachers (SCTs), the weekly CCE lessons are customised based on the needs of the individual levels to enable teachers to facilitate discussions to allow for student’s voice and ownership of the lessons.

Form Teacher Time (FT Time) provides a safe and caring platform for Circle Time, 1-to-1 Conferencing, Breakfast with FTs and AI Student Journaling to promote positive TSR and character development.

The Leadership module engages students in development of self-leadership and connecting well with others to build meaningful relationships. Our school commemorates Total Defence Day, International Friendship Day, Racial Harmony Day, and National Day as part of the Citizenship Education.

Other school-based programmes such as weekly assembly, Outdoor Learning Experience as Learning for Life Programme (OLE-LLP), Critical Social Inquiry as Applied Learning Programme (CSI-ALP) and CCA support values education and character development.

Mental Health
Following MOE’s push to increase its emphasis on mental health, the school has also partnered with external organisations, such as TOUCH Community Services, to serve as further points of conversations for both teachers and students to discuss about mental health beyond their CCE lessons.

Citizenship Education
As part of the school’s internationalisation efforts, to encourage social mixing and integration between foreign and local students, the CCE committee has also carried out the ‘Home-Away-From-Home’ project. Through specially crafted learning journeys that aims to showcase the cultural landmarks in Singapore, it is aimed to strengthen citizenship dispositions in our students, while providing opportunities for our students to care for and interact with their school mates from foreign countries.

Education and Career Guidance (ECG)
The ECG team has organized a slew of activities for the year to provide opportunities for the students at various levels to explore the fluid workforce of the future and its landscape and the myriad of options available in the post-secondary institutions that not only meet their interests but are also aligned to the future needs of Singapore’s economy. For more information, click on the ‘Education and Career Guidance (ECG)’ tab above.

Sexuality Education (SEd)
Sexuality Education is conducted by a group of trained teachers. For more information, please click 'MOE Sexuality Education in Schools' tab.

Cyber-wellness (CW)
The Cyber Wellness curriculum aims to equip AI students with the knowledge, skills, and the correct netiquette to become responsible netizens. Topics include Online Privacy, Online Relationships, Cyber Bullying, Online Identity, and Handling Online Content. Vice-chairperson (CW) in each class takes charge of disseminating important CW messages, conducting CW activities in class, and sharing of best online practices during the morning assembly. For more information on AI’s CW programme, click on the ‘Cyber Wellness (CW)’ tab above.

Values-In-Action (VIA)
Facilitated by Form Teachers, students actively participate in a thoughtfully organised service that is conducted in and meets the needs of a community. Through Service Learning, students learn values such as resilience, integrity, care, courage, and gratitude. They also acquire skills such as conflict management, time management and teamwork.

The Lower Secondary classes focus on school improvement and environmental education projects. The Upper Secondary classes identify the needs of the different groups of people in the community and reach out to them.

For more information on AI’s VIA programme, click on the ‘Values-in-Action’ tab above.