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Cyber-Wellness (CW) Programme

With further easing of Safe Management Measures, the Cyber Wellness education in AI involved more face-to-face interactions between the trainers and learners. The ‘live’ Cyber Wellness Assemblies on “Social Media- Healthy Use & Mental Health” and “Media Influence: Challenge Accepted” engaged students and teachers with relevant and up-to-date cyber wellness news. Students showed their engagement by participating actively during the quiz segment.

Our courageous Vice Chairmen (Cyber Wellness) presented their Cyber Wellness tips on stage with colourful PowerPoint slides on Tuesday mornings. Besides leading their classmates in making Tik Tok videos or posters for the Cyber Wellness Competition, they created Kahoot quizzes during the post- exam activities to help instil the cyber wellness values.

Our teachers learned relevant skills and knowledge from the online “Understanding gamers and managing excessive gaming” workshop. For extra help, the Cyber Wellness Prevention Workshop were organised for some at-risk students.