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Student Development

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Lead by Character and Service


Ahmad Ibrahim Secondary School adopts a tiered student leadership hierarchy that includes different student leaders’ appointments and functions – The Student Council, CCA Leaders, Outdoor Leaders, Peer Support Leaders and Class Leaders.

The Student Leadership Development (SLD) Committee provides diverse platforms to nurture and develop leadership skills in students and aims to inspire courage in student leaders to lead and serve the school and community.

20th Student Council Investiture: Handover ceremony from 19th EXCO to 20th EXCO

Student Leaders in AI

Student Councillors

Student Councillors lead and serve the school and uphold the school’s code of conduct. They receive leadership training through workshops, camps and the planning and implementation of school events. They also serve the community through SC-initiated service learning projects.

Peer Support Leaders

Peer Support Leaders look out for their peers and provide practical help and socio-emotional support for them. They undergo training to learn more advanced peer support skills such as befriending and bonding, managing challenging situations and self-management.

Class Leaders

Class Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson oversee the smooth running of class processes and develop sense of identity to class and build class spirit through class-initiated and school activities.

Outdoor Leaders

Outdoor Leaders are the face of AISS’s Outdoor Learning Experience (OLE) programme. They epitomise the outdoor spirit in striving for excellence and rising to challenges. They also spread the love for the outdoors when they lead their juniors during OLE2.

20th Student Council Exco

Organisation Chart

(To be updated)

Student Council Committees

  1. SC Internal Affairs Committee
    • Maintains discipline of SCs
    • Promotes bonding between of SCs
    • Handles human resource and administrative tasks within SC

  1. SC Initiatives Committee
    • Initiates and implements projects to improve students’ school experience
    • Innovates in the implementation of school events

  1. School Spirit Committee
    • Promotes AI identity in students
    • Organises activities to strengthen school spirit

  1. Student Voice Committee
    • Acts as a channel between students and school management
    • Addresses students’ feedback and concerns

AI Student Council Pledge

We, The Student Councillors of AI, pledge that:

We will, model the way, in upholding the school Code of Conduct,

We will, inspire the vision, to be young ladies and gentlemen, to lead, care and excel, for AI and for nation,

We will, challenge the process, to improve the holistic development of our fellow schoolmates,

We will, enable others to act, we will coach and lead others to grow.

We will, encourage the hearts, by showing integrity and compassion towards others.

So that we can, serve by leading, and lead by serving.

Earning the respect and trust, of both students and staff.

We do it, for the betterment of our school.

Key programmes organised by Student Leaders

Secondary 1 Orientation Programme

The Student Leaders ease new Secondary 1 students into the new secondary school environment in AI through the Secondary 1 Orientation Programme. Through games and other team-bonding activities, the student leaders provide a good overview about the history of AI, the school culture and norms, and also helped to build class spirit and school spirit in the new batch of students. The student leaders also serve as role models by exemplifying our school values to these new students.

Quote of the week and Ordinary Miracles sharing

Through the termly sharing of ‘Ordinary Miracles in AI’ by Student Councillors, both students and staff of AI learn about things happening in the school that are meaningful yet often overlooked. This promotes a sense of gratitude in both staff and students and increases the awareness of the many positive aspects of school life.

The weekly sharing of a ‘Quote of the Week’ by Student Councillors, encourages students to display our school values, by relating one of our school values with current school events or activities.

Image 6_Ordinary Miracles Sharing.jpg

Student feedback and school improvement projects

The Student Council serves as a channel between the student body and the school management. Working closely with the Class Leaders, the Student Councillors gather feedback from the student body. They consider multiple perspectives and differing viewpoints before organising the feedback obtained and presenting them to the School Principal at a dialogue session. This Student Voice Project has led to actual school improvement initiatives and has built student leaders who have greater sensitivity to areas of concerns of their peers and the school. The success of the project motivated the Student Council to continue to find new ways to engage the student body in improving their secondary school experience.

Image 7_Pillar of feedback sharing.jpg Image 8_Pillar of feedback.png

Teachers’ Day Celebration

As individuals who are innovative and enthusiastic, the Student Councillors also continually challenge themselves in generating new ideas in the implementation of major school events such as the annual Teachers’ Day celebrations. With the help of other student leader groups, the Student Councillors work hard to coordinate class appreciation activities and a memorable concert for their teachers on Teachers’ Day.

Image 9_Teachers Day.jpg

Service Learning workshops and service learning at VWOs

The Student Councillors are involved in a Service Learning workshop each year, where they learn about community needs and the design thinking process behind the planning of a service learning project. These workshops lead to a student-planned service learning project to serve selected Volunteer Welfare Organisations such as SWAMI Home, Lions Befrienders and MINDS.

Image 10_Swami Home Guitar.jpg Image 11_Swami Home Colouring.jpg

External workshops and leadership convention

Beyond their involvement within the school, representatives from the Student Council also take part in external workshops and leadership convention (e.g. Chong Pang Youth Communication and Leadership workshop and Hwa Chong Student Leader Convention). These students learn and interact with student leaders of other schools and improve on their leadership skills, before consolidating their learning and sharing what they learn with their peers in school.

Image 12_Chong Pang Workshop.jpg