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Values-In-Action Programme

Naming after a pioneer leader in Singapore’s nation-building years – Encik Ahmad Ibrahim, service learning means a lot to us in AI because we are named after him. This makes AI unique and community day serves as a reminder and an inspiration for us to emulate his qualities of determination, courage, integrity, and service.

2 previous years of global pandemic did not stop AI from contributing back to the society as all classes were able to leverage technology to circumvent the restrictions. This year 2022, AI has the privilege to either held it virtually or the traditionally in-person physical volunteer events.

In AI, community service is not about one-off projects that can be done in a day and checked off a to-do list. It required the sustained effort of both teachers and students working in collaboration with organizations, targeting at the needs of the community. As a result, valuable learning and experience gained when all classes take pride in the community work that they were doing, and were determined to do their part through meaningful contributions to give back to the communities that we live, study and work in.

This year, volunteerism is still going strong on virtual platforms in AI, with activities like online Bingo games and Zumba classes being used to engage and befriend elderly. Some classes even made videos of their performance for the elderly. It does not stop at virtual sessions as some classes also send presents to the elderly home, such as board games, masks, and food.

Engaging in community service provides AI students with the opportunity to become active members of their community and has a lasting, positive impact on society at large. It also enables students to acquire life skills and knowledge, as well as provide a service to those who need it most.

It was wonderful to witness the school spirit which is hope in action - the heartbeat of the school! It is having such high school spirit that AI students learn, lead, and grow.

Students’ reflection 

My class community day allowed for intensive ideation where my classmates could brain-storm plausible ideas to help the elderlies in Singapore, our sunny island where our aging population is growing immensely. We formed groups and visualised our projects together, where we all collaborated with one another which I believed helped to unite the class. All in all, from the community day, we grew as individuals who care and have the greater initiative to help.

~ Bellelyn Ong from class 3E2

During these pandemic times, doing our VIA project was facile as the restrictive measures kept easing up. We managed to make a fool proof plan which we could go along without having to make many changes. In the making of the plan, I got to work closely with my classmates having to have that class bond while at the same time contributing to the community. It was a monumental experience for me and my class.

~ Kendra from class 2N1