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About us

Cluptography does not only focuses on photography alone, but also on other areas such as training its members to be better leaders. Students are split into groups and each group will be given a month to lead the whole CCA team.

We plan bonding sessions for the students and discuss with Mr Fauzi on what they intend everyone to do during the 2 and a half hours on Fridays for the month. From there, we expect the students to gain better interaction with each other and learn a few leadership skills.
Aside from that, we are also involved in school events. We perform our duty, taking pictures of various events. We do get lessons on how to use a camera and compose meaningful pictures before deployment.

We also participate in photo competitions that allow us to compete with others. This is to allow us to gauge our standards and continuously improve.

Teachers In Charge

Mr Mohamed Fauzi Husin
Ms Foo Hui Cheng Candee
Mr B Vinayagam (AVA)

Photography Trainer

Mr Mohamed Fauzi Husin

Student Leader

Emmaneesha (President)


Training Day (Compulsory)
Wednesday: 3pm to 5pm

Project Day (Ad-Hoc)
Friday: From 2.45pm onwards. Duration and frequency are not fixed. May involve selected members only.