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Green service club

 About Us

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Green Service Club began as Leo Club, which was a CCA that develops youth leaders to provide service to the community. The transformation into a new CCA stems from the school’s commitment towards providing Outdoor Learning Experiences (OLE) with heightened awareness about the environment and green efforts. Through this new CCA, Green Service Club, we aim to learn more, do more and also lead others to make contributions to the environment and the community.

Find out and learn more about our projects such as vermicomposting and upcycling!

"I was selected for the WWF Leadership programme. This training taught me to put myself out of my comfort zone, to lead others confidently in nature trails, and to improvise on my work. In preparation as a nature trail guide for the Festival of Biodiversity, my team and I spent months preparing the materials and rehearsing our presentation. 
Going through the exhibitions and activities, I realised that Singapore has very rich biodiversity despite its small size, and that we should do our best to conserve the wildlife here. Also, while designing the AI Green Trail, I learnt that we do interact with nature on a daily basis, sometimes without realising it and appreciating it enough."
- Wren Eu (4E4)


To take Action for a common cause;
To show Concern for the common good;
To create Experience for the common population.


Passionate youths for service and for the environment

An elderly resident looks curiously at the DIY pouch gifted to him at AI’s Chinese New Year concert. An unconventional gift, these plastic pouches were made out of plastic bags that had been upcycled and repurposed. This project kick-started with a donation drive in school where plastic bags were collected from staff and students. Who would have thought they were goodie bags in the making? So pleased were these elderly from Nam Hong Welfare Services Society that they beamed at the GSC member, who made sure to add, “This is made by us. More durable, so keep for future use.” GSC members also had the honour to share about this plastic upcycling project with the public at the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Earth Hour Exhibition.

Naturalists with a keen eye for biodiversity

Driven by curiosity, GSC members keenly observed nature under the guidance of Nature Society Singapore (NSS), recording and reporting wildlife sightings. The Animal Concerns Research & Education Society (ACRES) also responds when members of the school including staff and students discovers any injured or lost animal, among which are the red-eared slider turtle, the Javan mynah and the green-cheeked parakeet.

Marine science projects

GSC members assisted National University of Singapore (NUS) researchers to survey the amount of marine debris at our coastal areas, while others learnt from NIE to use mussels as biomarkers to test the eco-toxicity of our waters. Involvement in such citizen science projects demonstrate that GSC members’ passion and concern for the environment extends beyond their school and local community.



Documentary Making Competition: 2nd Placing
      • Charissa Liew Kin Iui
      • Dawn Toh Ling Xuan
      • Carrie Lai Kar Yee
      • Boopalan Prithika

WWF Leadership Programme: Presentation Of Project
      • Hnit Thet Toe
      • Harridas Kumarasamy
      • Nur Athirah Binte Md Azhar
      • Lim Jia Yi
      • Muhammad Ilhaam Putra Wirajaya


School Green Award (Lotus Award)


NEA Environment Champion Programme
NUS-NParks Marine Debris Monitoring Programme
NIE-NParks Marine Ecotoxicology Monitoring Programme
WWF Eco-Schools Programme
WWF Leadership Programme
Nature Society (Singapore) Every Singaporean A Naturalist (NSS-ESN) Programme


Training Schedule

3.00 – 5.00 PM

3.00 – 5.00 PM

Student Leaders

Nur Ifti Liyana Binti Rozali (3E2)

Ng Xin Ya Janessa (3E2)

Jasper Tan Keng Loong (3N1)

Teachers In Charge

Mr Ng Ping Siang (OIC)
Contact: ng_ping_siang@moe.edu.sg

Ms Tow Swee Ai Emily
Mr Tan Wei Hong