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Infocomm & New Age Media Club

 About Us

Infocomm and New Age Media Club aims to excite students about Infocomm in a fun and meaningful way through coding workshops. Our students are also exposed to Audio Visual Aid (AVA) training and given an opportunity to develop our passion for photography and the visual arts. We apply what we learnt by playing an important role in supporting our school events, including the daily morning assembly and performances. Through the workshops, volunteer work and service to school events, we encourage others to make a better world, cultivate leadership and entrepreneurship skills.

“To me, Infocomm and New Age media club, is a CCA that teaches us about Infocomm technology and photography skills. This year, we learnt how to work together to program the movement of a robot without remote controllers. Not an easy project but we did not give up and re-functioned the robot by learning from our mistakes during the troubleshooting sessions.Infocomm and New Age media club is definitely a place for students who loves to gain knowledge on technology and experiment hands on with computers devices!”  

– Prasanya Sharlotte d/o Arasare, 3T1



This year, AI students from a variety of CCAs joined the Nemation! 11 media competition and emerged as third position in the finals. Our team [Blank Space] created the video clip named the “Our Five Pillars of Defence” and were featured in various media such as the Newpaper and the Pioneer magazine. It was an exciting learning journey for us !


Coding & Photography Workshops

Volunteer at Northwest CDC

Training Schedule

2.30 pm to 5.30 PM

Student Leaders


Prasanya Sharlotte d/o Arasare, 3T1

Vice Chairperson
Alissa Andrei C Castillo, 3N1
Sophia Wu Yixuan, 3E3

Teachers In Charge

Ms Chong Nyet Ting (OIC)
Mr B Vinayagam
Ms Candee Foo