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Chinese Orchestra

About Us

The AICO comprises of passionate and spirited individuals who works together hands in hands to perform melodious music pieces to entertain audiences, in and out of school.

Under the guidance of our competent and seasoned instructors, AICO has achieved the certificate of Distinction in both the 2013 and 2015 SYF Arts Presentation and have produced many outstanding young musicians, some of whom went on further to pursue music studies at higher institution.

Our aim is to provide a platform for all students to learn at least one Chinese musical instrument and to develop an appreciation for cultural music. Our members participates at various concerts throughout the years and are given chances to attend professional concerts at venues like the Esplanade & Singapore Conference Hall.

We hope to groom all-rounded youths who are passionate in the things they do, who will persevere against the odds and who aim for perfection in the mastery of their own instrument.

"I’ve always loved the Chinese culture and tradition, hence I was excited to know that AI has a Chinese Orchestra. No doubt, CO was my first CCA choice. I really enjoy being a CO member. On top of learning how to plays songs on the Zhongruan, I also made many friends in CO. CO provides opportunities for us to develop our music skills. It is a CCA which helps us to learn and grow."

- Kelly Soh, 3E4

"I learnt many skills in AICO which are applicable to my life even after I graduate from AI. Besides picking up the skill to play the yangqin, CO broadens my understanding of music and helps me to see the importance of teamwork and self-discipline. Everyone has a part to play in ensuring that the orchestra sounds harmonious and melodic. Every effort counts. I will remember this point as I take on the challenges in the future."

- Allyn Tay, Alumnus


To promote the learning and appreciation of Chinese orchestral music among the students through learning, performing and experiencing.


With bated breath, the CO members straightened up at the sight of the curtains parting. The conductor, Gladys Law from 4E4, dressed in Chinese-Indian fusion costume, raised and flicked her baton in the air. The strings section deftly plucked, strummed and picked. They were joined by the wind section, whose fingers danced across the bamboo platforms, and the percussions, weaved rhythms with their tapping and tempo. Together, they were one, serenading their audience.

Then, in an unexpected twist, two young ladies, Shakaana and Yuthika from 1E1, lithe and svelte in their rainbow-coloured saree, twirled onto stage and into the hearts of the audience, moving to the tune of Munnaeru Vaalibaa.

This year’s annual AI Chinese New Year concert saw a refreshing eclectic fusion of culture and orchestral entertainment.


  • 2019 Singapore Youth Festival
    Certificate of Accomplishment

  • 2017 Singapore Youth Festival
    Certificate of Accomplishment

  • 2015 Singapore Youth Festival
    Certificate of Distinction

  • 2013 Singapore Youth Festival
    Certificate of Distinction


AI Chinese New Year Concert
AI Achievement Day Concert
SYF Arts Presentation
Combined Performing Arts Concert
Inter-schools Music Exchange


Training Schedule

3.45 to 6.30 pm

1.30 to 5.00 pm

Student Leaders

Executive Committee

Celeste Wong Jing Man (3E2)

Kelly Soh Shi Ya (3E4) and Ong Ti Gwan (3N2)

Teachers In Charge

Mdm Phua Eng Sze (OIC)

Ms Ho Jie Min, Melody
Ms Wang Xuejuan