About Us

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AI Choir is a mixed youth choir with young and enthusiastic singers, who all share the same passion for music. Practices are held twice a week where our choristers learn a diverse repertoire of music ranging from the soundtracks of well-known musicals to songs of different languages and genres. In addition, besides the vocal, aural and musicianship training, our choristers also participate in various character- and team-building activities. AI Choir is also a visually impaired friendly choir, where our visually impaired peers can join choir as a CCA.

Under the baton of Mr Chong Wai Lun, the choir has obtained several notable awards and achievements locally. Notably, AI Choir was awarded the highest accolade, Certificate of Distinction, at the Singapore Youth Festival 2017.
AI choir also offers many different opportunities for one to grow as a singer and performer through school and public events. Some of such recent events include performances such as A Celebration of Dreams at the Esplanade (2017) and also during AI Biennial Combined Concert 2018 - Voices of Youth at Drama Centre Theatre. In 2019, AI Choir will be competing in various competitions such as the biannual Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation, striving to reach greater heights as we put in the best of our efforts in every practice. 
These events and our practices allow us to gain valuable experiences and learn the importance of teamwork, respect, trust and communication. 

We are a family by choice, came together by the love for music and the vision to scale greater heights.
We warmly welcome anyone with a passion for singing and a desire to learn.

Vision and Mission


Sing from the Heart, Dream from the Soul!


Guided by the Choir's motto, every chorister in AI Choir puts in his/her heart in singing, so that music in our soul can be heard by the universe.

Achievements and Activities


      • Singapore Youth Festival 2017: Certificate of Distinction


      • Rhapsodies of Youth 2016
      • Performance at Esplanade 2017: A Celebration of Dreams
      • Hong Kong choral exchange with the Hong Kong Youth Choir 2017
      • Performance at Chijmes 2017
      • Ahmad Ibrahim Secondary School Achievement Day 2018
      • Ahmad Ibrahim Secondary School Biennial Combined Concert 2018

Upcoming Events

      • Choir Exchange with East Spring Secondary School Choir, Bartley Secondary School Choir and Jurong Secondary School Choir
      • Voices of Choir Festival 2019
      • Singapore Youth Festival 2019
      • Ahmad Ibrahim Secondary School Achievement Day 2019
      • Belshazzar’s Feast with Orchestra of the Music Makers


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Training Schedule

3.00 pm - 6.00 pm

2.30 pm – 6.00 pm

Level 4 Chopin & Beethoven Room

Student Leaders

Lam Wei Lin, Jolie (4E3)

Toh You Min (4E4)

Muhammad Hasif B Muhammad I (4N1)

Pang Chu Suen (4N1)

Nova Litty Augustine (4E3) and Heng Kaiwen, Carmen (4E3)

Lin Shanshan (4E2)

Tay Wan Lin Jolin (4N1) and Lim Urnyi (4E1)

Student Conductor:
Ang Tien Wen (4E4) and Koh Ming Yang (4E2)

Soprano Section Leader:
Teo Jia Xuan (4E3)

Assistant Soprano Section Leader:
Sammi Wong Zi He (3E4)

Alto Section Leader:
Wong Wai Yi (4E2)

Assistant Alto Section Leader:
Tan Jing Herng (3E4)

Tenor Section Leader:
Aw Jun Hui (3E3)

Assistant Tenor Section Leader:
Kavan Qu Zijing (4N1)

Bass Section Leader:
Ng Jin Wei Lucas (4E4)

Assistant Bass Section Leader:
Dylan Wan Si Le (3E4)

Teachers In Charge

Mr Sherman Yuen (OIC)
Ms Candee Foo
Ms Farhanah Abdullah Sani
Mdm Jaya Santhi Vamavedan (Mrs Shara)