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Concert Band

 About Us

The Ahmad Ibrahim Concert Band was established in 1970. It started as a military band and was then converted into a concert band in the year 2011.

All new band members are given the opportunity to showcase their musical talents to family members and friends through a debut performance in an annual Junior Band Festival. New band members develop new skills such as playing musical instruments and we impart core values such as teamwork, perseverance and confidence.

Come and join us! Create new and memorable experiences with the other band members

"Despite not having any musical background, I have learnt how to play the flute after investing much time and effort. Although it has been a challenging and exhausting experience, I have learnt to uphold values such as resilience and perseverance. My journey in Band may not be always smooth sailing, but I am glad to have had the chance to meet many people with various musical backgrounds, as well as forge several friendships that I believe will be long-lasting."

- Shirin, 1E2



To instill a lifelong passion for music and provide meaningful opportunities for students to perform, collaborate, and develop leadership skills.


Awestruck by gleaming instruments and a cacophony of musical tones, one will surely be overwhelmed when stepping into our band room. Past that, our bandsmen can look forward to a fulfilling journey with musical instruments that are specially assigned according to their physique and personality.

From playing majestic symphonies to sizzling up tempo pop hits and heart-wrenching ballads, this year, our students worked under the tutelage of professional musicians during an interactive exchange programme involving other school bands. Through camaraderie and discipline, students took part in challenging tele-matches and mass precision drills and worked together to put up a combined performance.  

At AISS, a bandsman learns more than instrumental skills. Through our holistic programme, every student will acquire invaluable life skills and experiences that will put them in good stead to succeed in life beyond secondary school.



SYF Arts Presentation 2019: Distinction
SYF Arts Presentation 2017: Accomplishment 


AI Achievement Day Concert 2018



Training Schedule

3.45 – 6.15 PM

2.00 – 5.30 PM

Student Leaders

Executive Committee

Drum Major:
3SGT Hiap Xin Yi Darleene (3E4)

Band Major:
3SGT Phua Yun Yun (3E1)

3SGT Tay Su Ying (3E2)

Teachers In Charge

Ms Lee Jia Ling (OIC)
Mr Mohd Na’im Sa’dollah
Ms Nurul Aqilah