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Our Mission

Nurturing responsible players on and off the pitch, striving for excellence in all that we partake. Based on our motto, “Majulah AI”, we believe that if we seek to improve ourselves first, we as a team can achieve miracles and bring AI Football to be the best that it can be.

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Our F.O.C.U.S

Speed, Agility, Power, Flexibility
Cheering and positive remarks, always!
Punctuality at all sessions.
Focus on the Ball, Game, Presence and Training.
Encourage each other to press on.
Perform a structured warm-up and united cheer before each match.
Compliment good play and effort.
Play to the whistle and respect the referee’s decision.
Display your skills and fitness on the field.
Stay cool and focused.
Winning is not everything! Bettering yourself is everything, so keep improving!
Thank all opponents and officials after each game.

"Playing and competing in football made me realise the importance of teamwork and care for each other. We became more courageous when trying new skills and through winning, we display the value of excellence. It has been an amazing experience for me these three years with the great memories, sweat and tears training and playing with the team."
- Reyes Inigo Miguel Andrade 3N1


Achievements / Participation

NSG Football League 4 Championships
B Boys: 3rd Placing

NSG Football Championships
C Boys: Merit Award

B Boys: 1st Round
C Boys: 2nd Round

C Division North Zone Football Competition – 3rd Place
C Division Nationals - Quarter-finalist
B Division North Zone Football Competition – 1st Round

Training Schedule

(During competition season)

3.30 to 5.30 pm

3.00 to 5.00 pm

Student Leaders

Johan Wahyudi Bin Jailani (3N2)

Vice Captain
Mohammad Zharfan Bin Shanafian (3E1)

Teachers In Charge

Mr Ryan Fong Tjen Shan (OIC)

Ms Hanna Diyana Binte Azahar
Mr Ng Qi Qin, Gary (Wu Qiqin)