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To develop character and team spirit through excellence in Netball.

"Netball taught me that winning is not the most important thing because despite facing challenges, I am still able to grow as a person due to my friends’ and teachers’ support. I am very thankful and I really treasure our teamwork and unity in Netball. They are my ordinary miracle."
- Nurul Syarfikha Bte Mohamed Yusoff 4E3


The beauty of the greenery that surrounds the students as they do their warm-up runs is astounding. There is no better way to kick-start a fabulous training than to have the great company of like-minded peers from other schools. AI Netball took part in a Netball Carnival organised by Springfield Secondary School involving netball players from all over Singapore. This carnival presented opportunities for our players to exchange netball skills and learn from one another.
Other than leading a healthy lifestyle, we treasure the culture of care in AI Netball. Despite the absence of a coach, seniors stepped up to lead the juniors, imparting netball skills to them by correcting them during internal matches and always encouraging them not to give up. In appreciation of their hard work, the juniors planned for their seniors’ step-down ceremony.
“Go, AI, go!”, “Get it back, AI!” are some of the cheers commonly heard during the Netball North Zone Competition. The girls played with enthusiasm, raising their hands and shouting for the ball. Simultaneously, they watched their footwork and defence by intercepting the ball from their opponents. The most challenging task was when all players united to execute an effective defence and pass the ball to the shooter at the right spot. The entire sequence of the shot for the goal was a rhythmic motion. Despite not being able to make it to the second round of the North Zone Competition, the girls learnt the importance of teamwork and the physical fitness to endure a gruelling match.  


North Zone Netball Championships (‘B’ Division and ‘C’ Division)


B Girls: 1st Round


B Girls: 1st Round
C Girls: 1st Round


Netball Carnival (organised by Springfield Secondary School)


Training Schedule



Student Leaders

Eliana Khong Woon Yan (3E4)

Alyssa Belle Barroga Adduru (3E4)

Neo Zhi Xuan (3E2)

Teachers In Charge

Mrs Silia Goh (OIC) 
Ms Tsang Wing Han