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 About Us

Netball in Ahmad Ibrahim has been strong and achieved many successes in competitions and carnivals. The Netball girls participated in many competitions and did the school proud, such activities are the Northzone Netball Competition, T-Net Netball Carnival and friendly matches with different schools.

In netball, we conduct regular trainings which focus on various netball skills and game play that help to build up our girls’ abilities. We also have PTs, also known as physical trainings which keep the girls in tip-top condition by building up their strength and stamina. This ensures quality in play, allowing the girls to develop their interest and passion for the game also, not forgetting the great friendship and the bond that the girls forge during the match.

There is also a Netball Camp usually held at the end of the year which focuses a lot on intensive physical training, theory lessons and games. This helps them to improve their skills and knowledge about netball. Also through playing games and spending time together, the girls will be able to strengthen their bond between each other. This is also when the girls play friendly matches with netball teams from other schools which helps improve our girls’ skills. The netball girls also get to attend an enrichment programmes which allow the girls to develop leadership qualities.


Training Schedule



Student Leaders

Nurul Syarfikha
Nuuru Nafilah

Vice captains
Seng Jing Wen
Marvic F.llavore
Rachel Tan
Fidelis Tan

Teachers In Charge

Mrs Silia Goh (OIC) 
Ms Ong Su San Faith 
Mdm Ilysa Saari