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Girl Guides

 About Us

1_GG.jpgThe AI Girl Guides grooms the students as they go through a rigorous programme aimed at inculcating values and qualities required in the 21st Century. Via team building in small group based activities, our Guides are inducted in a gamut of courses that prepare them to be useful and responsible citizens of the world.

The AI Girl Guides are a group of enthusiastic and friendly young ladies who live up to their promise and motto “Be Prepared”. The motto requires them to be well-prepared and to be ready for any situations that may happen during our trainings and duties that are entrusted to them. It drives them to be the best they can be, developing their values such as taking the initiative, having a sense of urgency and being responsible and discipline. As much as the basic activities for uniformed groups are conducted every week, we do our best to expose our guides to different skills and learning opportunities each year. The friendship the girls have with one another is what keeps them bonded as they learn to take care of one another. The girls also look forward to the combined camp with scouts each year as well as the annual cookies sale. Girl Guides seek to nurture these young ladies to grow up to be strong women in the future. The girls are proud to belong to this group where care, support and friendliness are what unite them all together.

Do drop by our Girl Guides website at www.girlguides.org.sg

"Being the company leader of Girl Guides is by far the greatest milestone in my life. Through this, I have learnt a lot of useful life skills and values such as courage, perseverance and determination. It has taught me how to manage my time as well, as I needed to juggle between my CCA duties and studies. It has also allowed me to interact and bond with leaders of other CCAs as we plan combined CCA activities together. Although it has its ups and downs, I won't regret being the company leader of girl guide."

- H Kahfath Nisha, 3E4


Our motto “Be Prepared” means that a guide should be ready for any kind of duty that may thrust upon them, and what is more, to know what to do by having practised it beforehand in the case of any accident or any kind of work that they may be asked to take up.


“Here are some barbecued marshmallows for you!” One of the Girl Guides beamed with pride as she served the curious Secondary 1 students hovering around the Girl Guide’s booth at the CCA Carnival. The students were also shown past year achievements and photos of activities such as outdoor cooking and Training Camp held at the Girl Guides Headquarters. Confidence and pride were written on the guides’ faces as they put their beloved CCA on display. 

At the Sree Narayana Mission Home (SNMH) in Yishun, smiles broke out on the faces of elderly residents playing games such as ball catching and word guessing organised by the guides. These Values-in-Action activities develop in the AI girl guide a heart for the community and a sense of responsibility.
Good service begins with great attitude. The AI girl guides are ever ready to render their assistance to the school with pride and positivity. Be it the post-Achievement Day dinner or the post-Secondary 1 Orientation dinner, they take pride in serving food and drinks to the guests. Their commendable level of service and graciousness is indeed a source of pride for the school.


Best Unit competitions: Gold
3rd position for Telematch competition 2018 
Puan Noor Aishah Silver Award 2017


Thinking Day 2018
North Division Outdoor Challenge
National Day Parade Contingent 2018

Training Schedule

3.45 to 6.00 pm

2.00 to 5.30 pm

Student Leaders

girl guides Leadership Position.jpg

Teachers In Charge

Ms Chloe Li Huimin (OIC)

Mdm Santhi
Ms Hazel Toh
Ms Amelia Y Dizon