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National Cadet Corps (Land)

  About Us

The National Cadet Corps (Land) in Ahmad Ibrahim Secondary School is a Uniformed Group Co-Curricular Activity (CCA) whose vision is to nurture responsible, resilient and resourceful cadets to become successful citizens.



As an Ahmad Ibrahim NCC cadet our goals are to uphold the spirit of AI UG, keep a resilient mind is confident to take on challenges and overcome fears and develop camaraderie among ourselves and other AI UG.


Our trainings consist of classroom lessons, individual field craft (IFC), precision drill squad (PDS)/Freestyle drill (FSD), physical training and sports and games. We also organize camps, where our cadets could learnt to be more independent. The NCC HQ also organizes camps such as Camp Forge for junior cadets, Camp Steel for senior cadets and specialist course for the cadet leaders. They also organize activities such as AKE (Annual Kayaking Expedition) and mini league to get cadets to gain teamwork and to be immersed into the outdoor. There are also overseas camp to get our cadets to adapt to different environments.


Training Schedule

3.00 - 6.00 PM (Precision Drill Squad and Freestyle Drill)

2.30 - 6.00 PM

Student Leaders

MSG (NCC) Leroy Goh Ren Bin 
MSG (NCC) Ravichandran Dharani

Teachers In Charge

Mr Marc Tan
Mdm Jennifer Koh
Mr Yap Kim Hon
Mr Seetharaman
Mr Thomas Yeu