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National Police Cadet Corps

About Us

Set up in 1968, Ahmad Ibrahim Secondary School’s NPCC unit has grown in strength in the last 50 years. AISS NPCC unit aims to develop its members as a confident, self-directed learner, an active contributor and a concerned citizen through the wide range of activities.

Our cadets pick up skills such as foot drills, armed drills, campcraft, and revolver shooting. Alongside these,sing-a-long sessions, physical training, recreational activities and lectures are held to train them mentally and physically. Values such as endurance and teamwork are instilled into the cadets while learning these skills.

Our cadets also have the opportunity of going on overseas educational trips to places such as Hong Kong and Brunei, through the linkup between SPF/NPCC HQ and our foreign partner’s police cadet groups. Locally, we also have our annual camps in the unit held in school.


Taking an aim at the man-figure on the target board, he squeezes the cold trigger and watches how each shot pierces through the target. He starts to break into cold sweat as he feels his grip on the revolver moisten with sheer determination and traces of nervousness. The deafening sounds of the gunfire seem to be able to penetrate through the ear mufflers, startling him with each shot. Intense training sessions as such are no stranger to the determined NPCC cadet who grits his teeth through them all. 

“Uncle, have you heard about SGSecure?” She asks as she hands over a pamphlet. With the aid of the student-drawn poster, she shares with the shop owner the key messages of this nation-wide initiative – staying alert and reporting suspicious characters. Her confidence grows as he nods in agreement. Indeed, public awareness and training go hand-in-hand for the NPCC cadet, who not only equips herself for emergencies, but actively promotes civic-consciousness.


"Being in NPCC has allowed me to experience and learn many things that are beneficial to my life. Before joining NPCC, I was shy and wouldn't try to get to know more people. After going through Area Camps and participating in Harmony Camp, I have become a little more outgoing which has allowed me to foster new friendships. In NPCC, we are taught to step out of our comfort zone and take initiative. That has indeed helped me to hone my leadership capabilities as the Chairman of AI NPCC. I am grateful for all the experiences throughout my journey as a NPCC cadet. It has definitely played an integral part in shaping my character to be who I am today."

- Randy Chong Jing Xuan 4E2


Unit Overall Proficiency Award (UOPA)
2011 : Bronze Award
2012 : Silver Award
2013 : Bronze Award
2014 : Bronze Award
2015 : Silver Award
2016 : Gold Award
2017 : Gold Award
2018 : Gold Award
2019 : Gold Award

Best Unit Cadet
2012 : SSG Li Jian Xing & SSG Nur Aqilah Diyanah
2013 : SSG Md Shahirul Shukor & SSG Sen Shu Hui
2014 : SSG Adam Malik & SSG Soh Yu Qi
2015 : SSG Jet Law & SSG Vivian Quek
2016 : SSG Kenneth Chia & SSG Jessica Lim
2017 : SI Kwok Si-yang & SSG Partiban Tharani
2018 : SSG Girish S/O Balakrishnan & SSG Chen Huixin
2019 : SSG Raihanatunnisa & SSG Ryan 

SPF-NPCC Badge Awardee
2017 : SI Kwok Si-yang
2018 : SSG Wang Le Chen
2020 : SI Ho Zheng Yang Xanthus


Training Schedule

3.45 – 6.15 PM

2.30 – 6.00 PM

(Training sessions by HQ will be updated once details are released)

Student Leaders


Teachers In Charge

Ms Siti Salmiah (OIC)

Mdm Kasturi d/o Manoselvam
Mr Mohd Imran Ishak
Ms Ow Hui Mei Wendy
Mdm Siti Fatima Binte Azmi