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Aesthetics and Craft

 About Us

Aesthetics Education aims to further develop and harness the full range of our students' talents and contribute to their overall development. The aesthetics help to develop students to reach their full artistic potential. Students not only become individuals imbued with a sense of aesthetics, but will also be civic-minded, cultivated, gracious and able to express themselves through various art forms. They will also have a keen sense of the Singaporean identity and a spirit of experimentation and innovation.

Our Beliefs about Aesthetics in AISS

Our Beliefs

  1. Aesthetics plays a vital role in the holistic development of students. It complements their cognitive, moral, and social development.
  2. The Aesthetics help to level up the social and cultural capital of our students, especially those who come from non-privileged backgrounds.
  3. The Aesthetics help develop AI students into young ladies and gentlemen.
  4. The Aesthetics are natural platforms on which to develop 21st Century Competencies, which prepares our students for life beyond school.

Guiding Principles

  1. Being inclusive: All, Many, Some, Few (Treffinger’s Levels of Service model)
  2. Integration – within and across departments, programmes
  3. Alignment to the Teaching Thinking for Learning Framework, 21 st Century Competencies, and the School’s Vision, Mission, and Values

Approach – Plan, Attract, Engage, Nurture

  1. Students encounter the Aesthetics through school-wide programmes (assembly, Aesthetics Day, musical outings)
  2. Students enjoy the Aesthetics in school (Art exhibitions, AESPIRE concerts - audience)
  3. Students appreciate the Aesthetics through IP lessons (Lower Secondary)
  4. Students engage in the Aesthetics through CCAs and Enrichment programmes (Art Camp, Concerts, Learning Journeys, AESPIRE concerts)
  5. Students attain self-actualization in the Aesthetics through in-depth study in IP/ O-Level subjects and special programmes (EMP, MPC, O-Level Art, D&T, FCE, Music)

Desired Outcomes of Aesthetics Education in AISS

The study of the Aesthetics in AISS helps to develop AI students into young ladies and gentlemen who appreciate beauty and the arts

Aesthetics education in AI will focus on three strategic areas:

  1. Developing arts appreciation and building up the future audience base among the general student population; 
  2. Providing opportunities for recognition and grooming of artistic talents to be future artists and patrons of the arts; and 
  3. Cultivating in our students the sense of national and cultural identity.

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The Aesthetics and Craft Department consists of four units: Art, Music, Nutrition & Food Science (NFS); and Design & Technology.

Overview of the Aesthetics Programmes in AISS

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For more information, please visit the individual unit pages: