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Design & Technology

 About Us

Situated in a small room in the D&T workshop area, the D&T unit is a closely-knited group of dedicated teachers who are passionate about helping students to be more creative and independent in their learning. 

D&T students will gain a valuable skillset called “Design Thinking” at the end of their D&T education. Such skillset will prove to be highly useful in a VUCA environment and will benefit the students in their tertiary education and working life in the future.

Outline of Curriculum

Secondary One

In D&T, we train our students to be innovative and darling designer from the start of Secondary education. We believe a designer can be groomed and nurtured from Sec One as we can arouse their interests, innovative and creative ideas. We also incorporated a sketching skill program to increase their confident of expressing their ideas from their ‘mind’ onto a paper with good 3 dimensional sketches.

Secondary Two 

As students gained confidence in sketches and designs, we bring ‘real-life’ design problem. Students are exposed to the important elements of Design Process and are taught on how to apply such elements to real life problem.

Secondary Three

In Secondary Three, students focused on “Technology” and learnt about the three basic technologies, namely Structures, Mechanism and Basic Electronics. These technologies are used in Design Process which will assist the students to generate a meaningful solutions in their Design Process. Students are also taught advanced practical skills such as lathework and Computer Aided Drawing (CAD) skills which they are also able to utilise for their Design Process.

Secondary Four / Five

In their graduating year, students are assigned “Themes” to focus for their Design Process. Using the knowledge gained from their previous years, students strive to submit a set of Design Journal, Artefact and Presentation Board of the highest quality. Teachers play the role of facilitators and elicit from the students creative and empathic thinking for the users.

Organisation Chart



Mr Mohamad Narul Azrin

D&T Coordinator

Mr David Ng Kin Kwee

Subject Teacher

Mr Abdul Aziz Osman


Mr Lee Tok Siang