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We are a group of passionate Music educators who love our subject and love teaching it even more! We believe that Music is an avenue for catharsis and expression. It is also a great opportunity for our students to develop and unleash their creative potential. 

At AISS, we believe that our students are musical, and have the ability to express themselves musically. Our comprehensive music curriculum aims to develop musical and extra-musical skills such as listening skills, singing and playing skills, fine motor skills, creative thinking skills, and social skills.


We are one of the four EMP (Enhanced Music Programme) schools in Singapore, and we are also an O-Level Music Centre. We offer a tiered music curriculum that caters to various interest and aptitude levels:

Enhanced Music Programme (EMP)

As one of our signature programmes in AI, the AISS EMP is a two-year programme for upper secondary students, culminating in the GCE ‘O’ Level Music examinations. Students benefit from the study of Western and Asian music, Jazz and Pop, music composition, and music theory. Additionally, students in the EMP will get opportunities to perform as soloists or in ensembles, benefit from music workshops and masterclasses, and attend learning journeys and internships with local arts organisations and institutions.

Music Preparatory Course (MPC) 

We develop students’ musical knowledge and skills in Lower Secondary through the Music Preparatory Course (MPC). The MPC at Secondary One and Two aims to build up students’ competence and confidence in music in order for them to study music at a higher level in the EMP. The spiral curriculum introduces topics at a foundational level, and includes foundational music skills such as elements of music, music theory, music history, aural skills, composition skills, as well as solo and ensemble performance skills.

Our students also benefit from a comprehensive enrichment programme, including:
         National EMP Camp and Showcase concerts
         Music Mentoring Programme with ACS(I), Eunoia Junior College
         Music Mentoring Programme with YST Conservatory of Music
         Composition Collaboration with RI (Secondary)
         Live sound and Songwriting Workshop with Singapore Polytechnic
         Sonic Arts and Foley Workshop with Republic Polytechnic
         Gamelan Workshop with Gamelan Asmaradana
         Participation in the SMTA Music Festival and Chamber Music Competition
         Concert outings to orchestral concerts, operas, etc.
         Singapore Rhapsodies Launch Concert at the National Gallery Singapore
         Music Technology Performances at National Gallery and Esplanade
         Arts Internship with The RICE Company
         AESPIRE Lunchtime Concerts at AISS
         Performances at the AI Achievement Day, National Day concerts, Teachers’ Day concerts, and Combined Performing Arts concerts

Lower Secondary Music Syllabus

For the rest of the student population, the Secondary 1 students experience the Music Syllabus in the form of performing through learning the guitar, as well as the recreation of Singapore pop songs using GarageBand on the iPad. 

Secondary One

In Secondary One, students develop confidence and appreciation for music through various activities and lessons. The Secondary One students learn about various genres of Popular Music, and also partake in two major music projects in Secondary One:

        1. Guitar lessons - Secondary One students attend Guitar lessons, where they learn basic music theory and guitar playing skills through Singapore songs. At the end of ten weeks, they showcase their learning through an assessment of their playing.

        2. Singapore Songs project – After an introductory exposure to Singapore songs in our nation’s four official languages, students work with acoustic as well as virtual instruments on the iPad to arrange and perform their group renditions of Singapore songs

Secondary Two

Secondary Two students undergo a robust Music Technology module whereby they work on Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs) like Mixcraft and Ableton Live to arrange and create their own film music, as well as improvise live on a MIDI controller like the Launchkey Mini. Our students build up on their confidence and stage presence through these modules which allows them to experience the rigour of preparing for actual performances.

        1. Film Music Arrangement using Mixcraft – Secondary Two students first make connections between music and movies through learning about cinematography, camera angles, lighting, colours, foley sounds and music. They then arrange music and sample foley sounds to short film clips using Mixcraft software.

        2. Composing and Mixing with Ableton Live – Students learn about authentic contexts where music technology is used in a live setting. They learn the basics of Ableton software and Launchkeys, before putting together and performing their own projects.


Music opens up multiple career pathways for students, not just in performing. They can choose to step into audio production and sound designing, songwriting and composing, live sound, film music composition, conducting, music therapy and many others in future! Music also develops many transferable skills such as teamwork, perseverance, creativity, and discipline. Whatever your future aspirations, the study of music will help you get there!

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