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Sec 1 Level – Full Subject Based Banding (FSBB)

Sec 1 students will be introduced to the field of Drawing and explore it as a method of ideation and visualisation. To broaden students’ interest in other areas of Art, there will be a project on Traditional Craft and also a Film-making workshop to give them a variety of skills in different media.

Sec 2E/NA

Sec 2 students will learn to paint and also learn more about Artists and their famous Artworks. There will be a learning journey to one of the Art Museums in Singapore to actually look at authentic artworks. The major project for the year will be on Animation. Students will create their own 30 second animation that allows them to express their original ideas.

Sec 2NT

Learning also comes in the form of play and games. For example, using their Personal Learning Device (PLD), students can create their own video diary on their thoughts about their world.

Sec 3 Level

There will only be 2 streams offered, the Sec 3 Normal (Academic) & the Sec 3 Normal (Technical). For both classes, numbers will be capped at 20 students. All students will follow the national curriculum stipulated by SEAB.

Sec 4 Level

Students are sitting for this year’s GCE Art Syllabus T (6128) and in this final lap, they concentrate on preparing for their portfolio and working towards perfecting their research, drawings, and creativity skills. At the end of this year, students will get to be in touch with the various forms of art such as acrylic painting, charcoal drawing, papercut and assemblage art.

Art Enrichment:

The Art Unit took advantage of the NAC- Artist in School Scheme in 2022 and welcomed the artist, Mr Ahmad Abu Bakar to collaborate with and mentor our Art students. Stay tuned in 2013 for more workshops and creative developments!

Art Advanced Elective Modules

Ideas for Design @Temasek Polytechnic

Our students visited Temasek Polytechnic for the Ideas for Design AEM in 2022. This group was a mix of Art students and other students who were just interested in the AEM. These students refreshed their learning in the basics of Art before up-cycling a found object into an artwork. Our students also went on a tour of the Design School in Temasek Polytechnic and learned about the courses available. Our students were very impressed with the projects that Temasek Polytechnic students had participated in. All in all, our students found this AEM valuable because it gave them the time to conceptualise their own unique approach to creating artwork in a leisurely way and also think about what they wanted to do to further their education.

The ABCs of Making Games - Logic, Art & User Experience

Working from concept to prototype for a playable 2D game, 19 Secondary Three art students spent four days of their March school holidays designing an interactive game at Nanyang Polytechnic.

From understanding user experience, interactive design to crafting a good gaming experience, the students had fun learning these valuable new skills and applying the knowledge gained from the lecturers. The workshop, which was specially designed to engage and inspire secondary school students, helped the students discover new strengths and interest. It also provided an authentic learning experience that would help them make a more well-informed decision on their post-secondary options.

Organisation Chart

Name Designation
Woon Sher Lin Sheralyn Subject Head / Art
Mr Mohamed Fauzi Art Teacher
Miss Siti Fatima Art Teacher