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Design & Technology

About Us

Situated in a small room in the D&T workshop area, the D&T unit is a closely-knited group of dedicated teachers who are passionate about helping students to be more creative and independent in their learning.

D&T students will gain a valuable skillset called “Design Thinking” at the end of their D&T education. Such skillset will prove to be highly useful in a VUCA environment and will benefit the students in their tertiary education and working life in the future.

Outline of Curriculum

Through the use of well-designed projects that hinge on real-life context and technology, students are encouraged to become independent workers, critical thinkers, and life-long learners. Students are encouraged to take part in competitions, enrichment programmes and learning journeys to apply their knowledge learned during classroom lessons and reinforce their learning.

Lower Secondary
In lower secondary level, students learns to be innovative and darling designer from the start of Secondary education. Students learn through design-and-make projects guided by a design process of identifying design needs from real-world experiences, generating and developing ideas, and realising the design solution. We also incorporated freehand sketching program to increase their confident of expressing their ideas through idea generation and development.

Upper Secondary
Upper secondary level cover technology topics in greater depth and focus on the application of technology in their design coursework. Student are involved in design process, learning how to do research, making sense of their research work and develop a prototype based on the findings to solve the identified problem. Students are taught advanced practical skills and SketchUp Programme.

SketchUp Programme

Design solution presented in CAD drawings.

Application of Technology

Student soldering Light Sensing Circuit which is part of their safety bag tag project.

Aesthetic Day


Enrichment Programme

Secondary 3 D&T students participated in the design thinking and Innovation Boot camp 2020 organised by Nanyang Polytechnics, School of Design and NTUC nEbO. During the day camp, students are engaged in authentic design theme: “Redesigning a Greener Future”. Students designed and make a product to solve real world issue that’s close to our heart. Each group came up with a prototype based on the needs identified.

AISS TEAM 1 Photo 1.jpeg AISS TEAM 1.jpeg

A pen that is made of wood that have other functions such as a hand phone stand so that we can cut down the use of plastic pens which often end up in the bin which often can’t be recycled.

AISS Team 2_Prototype.jpeg

A product which encourage the user to buy refillable shampoo instead of using bottles and bottles of shampoo each time.

Organisation Chart

Kang Yong Heng
Subject Head D&T
Seah Yen Sin
D&T Teacher
Abdul Aziz Osman
Technical Support Officer
Muhammad Halim bin Talka
Technical Support Officer