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Food & Nutrition Science

About Us

The aims of Food and Nutrition Unit are to develop students’ understanding of concepts of nutrition and meal planning. The subject also introduces the principles of food science. With the use of ICT in Food and Nutrition Coursework, students are trained to be independent and self-directed learners.


Lower Sec programmes

Food and Consumer Education (FCE) for the lower secondary students focus on two Core areas of Study:

  1. Food studies- Students are equipped with the knowledge about diet and health so that they can make informed decisions when making food choices to maintain good health. Students are also taught culinary skills which can be applied to prepare healthy meals for themselves and their family.
  1. Consumer Studies- Students learn basic principles of consumer education that enable them to manage resources and understand consumer rights and responsibilities.

This year the secondary one students are working on the elective module- FCE and the community. They have to create a healthy and appealing dish to be sold in the canteen. The secondary two students worked on the elective module-Nutrition and Food Science. This year the students planned and carried out experiment to investigate the effects of different baking time on the appearance, height and texture of puff pastry.

Upper Sec Programme

Food Studies Syllabus is offered to the Upper Secondary Normal (Technical) course students and Food And Nutrition is offered to the Upper Secondary Express and Normal (Academic) course students. Upper secondary students work on a coursework which equips them with the process skills of managing information, planning, informed decision making, execution and evaluation.

They learn to think critically and make informed decisions by applying their knowledge on food, health and nutrition.

Organisation Chart

Juny Iskawati
Nutrition and Food Science (NFS) Coordinator
Jaya Santhi
Nutrition and Food Science (NFS) Teacher
Nirmala d/o Periyiah
Nutrition and Food Science (NFS) Teacher
Parimala d/o Krishnin
Operations Support Officer