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A dedicated group of teachers who believe in the importance of building on the foundation in the English language through exposure and creative use, in reading, writing, listening and speaking.

Public Speaking Programme

31st YMCA Plain English Speaking Awards (PESA)

PESA Logo.png
This year, total of four students from the Public Speaking Programme represented the school to take part in the 31st Plain English Speaking Awards (PESA), an annual public-speaking competition organised by the YMCA.
Lau Jiaxi (1E2) and Loke Xin Yue (2N1) participated in the Lower Secondary category, while Chan Jun Da Edward (3E4) and Nawal bte Muhammad Mustafah (3E4) took part in the Upper Secondary category.

Julia Gabriels Public Speaking Course

In its second year of running, the Julia Gabriels Public Speaking Course aims to provide opportunities for interested students to hone their public speaking skills. 

The course consisted of a series of workshops conducted across Semester 1, where students were taught pronunciation, speech development, voice projection and improvisation. 

After the programme, the participants were given opportunities to apply their public speaking skills in many school events and public speaking competitions. Students served as emcees in major events such as Achievement Day, and school celebrations such as Teachers’ Day and National Day. In addition, students also represented the school in public speaking competitions such as YMCA’s Plain English Speaking Awards (PESA) and Chong Pang’s Next Top Speaker 2017.

It was a joy to witness these students grow as confident and persuasive communicators.





Reading Programme

Pupils develop the critical habit of reading to build knowledge, vocabulary as well as increase focus.

Below are some recommended titles:

The AISS Reading Programme

AI has been on the Read@NLB Programme since January 2015. 
The focus has been to encourage and promote reading among our Lower Secondary students. 
We closely track the reading habits of our students and set specific targets for the year.

Think Green Jamboree

Think Green Jamboree was held in Term 2, on the 10th of April 2017, and it was on the theme of the Environment and Climate Change. The reading genres of Science Fiction, Dystopia and others were explored, with screenings of documentaries on the theme of Saving the Environment. There were live music performances where a band was assembled, that played melodious tunes, with lyrics that developed the concept of a better Green Environment. There was also a hands-on, craft-making station where students created their own pieces of Art using recycled paper and other discarded material which was quite therapeutic! There was also the opportunity for students to formulate their thoughts and speak on specific aspects of the theme, based on taglines they happened to draw. In addition, there were Book Displays and readings on the Environment & our Animal Friends. Students and teachers alike enjoyed the creation and use of the photo-booth, made of recycled materials with props.

Think Green Jamboree

Held during the post-SA2 period, the October Jamboree – Spooktacular brought to students a series of activities and stories featuring the book genres of Horror and Thriller. One of the activities included a crime-scene investigation where students were challenged to solve a murder mystery at a staged crime scene. Students were also treated to a Movie Excerpt Screening to see how novels can come alive on screen. Excerpts of horror and thriller novels were read before the corresponding scenes of the same movies were screened. In addition, aspiring writers were encouraged to try their hand at writing two-sentence horror stories to scare their peers and teachers. Besides all these, students were also able to take photographs with their friends at the photo booth furnished with an array of masks and props. To top it all up, books written by acclaimed writers such as Stephen King and Dean Koontz were featured in an attention-grabbing book display that encouraged students to browse and borrow the books home.

Writing Programme

The Queen’s Commonwealth Essay Competition 2017

Commonwealth Essay Competition logo.jpg

The Queen’s Commonwealth Essay Competition is the world’s oldest schools’ international writing competition, managed by The Royal Commonwealth Society since 1883. Every year, it offers all Commonwealth youth aged 18 and under the opportunity to express their hopes for the future, opinions of the present, and thoughts on the past through the written word. The competition is used by individuals and teachers to build confidence, develop writing skills, support creativity and encourage critical thinking, using literacy to empower young people to become global citizens.
This year’s theme invited young people to reflect on the topic of ‘A Commonwealth for Peace’. Over 12,300 young people from across the Commonwealth entered the Competition.
Among the 18 entries from Ahmad Ibrahim Secondary School, the following three students achieved commendable results:

Gold Award: Allyn Tay Shi Yi (2E4)
Silver Award: Leong Wai Yip Winston (1E3)
Bronze Award: Chloe Kaitlyn Leung Hui En (2E2)

Creative Writing Camp 2017

15 students were selected to participate in the Creative Writing Camp held from 1 to 2 June. Students were exposed to different approaches to writing, the creative process, writing tips and various other skills. They were also offered a glimpse into the world of publishing and had a go writing as professional writers write. It was truly an eye-opening experience.

Through the activities and gruelling hours spent at the camp, students built on each other’s strengths, sharpened each other’s writing and enhanced their own writing style and story. The results? Breath-taking short stories that deserve a place in a book. No less.


English Language Day

The annual English Language Day is designed to develop students’ English language skills through fun and interactive platforms.

This year, the event was divided into two segments – the Dare to Read segment and the mini games. In both segments, the students were involved in interactive games which build on their English skills, such as listening, viewing, reading and speaking.

In the Dare to Read segment, students were challenged to read snippets of short stories and infographics to answer quizzes. The students were competitive and won themselves many prizes.

For the mini games, students competed with one another in group-based games that widened their library of idioms and vocabulary. At the Taboo station, many of the students had to delve deep into their vocabulary bank to find suitable words to describe what were on their cards. They sure had a lot of fun!


The Queen’s Commonwealth Essay Competition 2017

Commonwealth Essay Competition logo.jpg
Gold Award: Allyn Tay Shi Yi (2E4)
Silver Award: Leong Wai Yip Winston (1E3)
Bronze Award: Chloe Kaitlyn Leung Hui En (2E2)

International Competitions and Assessments for Schools (ICAS) English Competition


62 students from Secondary One and Secondary Two took part in the 2017 ICAS English assessment organised by the University of New South Wales. In this international assessment, students are assessed in their reading and language skills, where they are required to locate, identify, interpret, infer and synthesise information in and about texts.

This year, the school achieved a total of 5 Distinction, 22 Credit and 5 Merit awards.


1E1 Hulda Grace Teo 2E3 Beer-Sheba Tan
1E4 Alysia Nadia Binte Mohamed Satria 2E4 Chaves John Benryk Barnedo
1E4 Lim Yue Long, Xavier


1E1 Muhammad Mujahid Bin Nazaruddin 1E4 Hiap Xin Yi Darleene
1E2 Tan Qing Wen 1E4 Lee Yong Wei
1E2 Ammar Fariheen Bin Shaffiq 1E4 Lucas Tan Jia Le
1E2 Angel Oh Shi Qi 1E4 Shanice Tan Hui
1E2 Chong Kar Yan 2E2 Erni Faizah Bte Iskandar
1E2 Heng Jin Long 2E2 John Kenneth Layba Agpaoa
1E2 Isabel Hah Rui En 2E2 Nicole Kayle Penaanda Dacumos
1E2 Muhammad Ilhan Bin Emran 2E3 John Rajan Kenisha Janet
1E2 Sammi Wong Zi He 2E3 Ernest Ng Ming Yi
1E2 Seah Ka Min 2E4 Nyimas Fasya 'Ayuni Bte K M H
1E3 Beh Long Jek Lucius 2N1 Nyla Chempaka Dewi Bte I


1E2 Chua Chong Yee Keith 2E4 Nova Litty Augustine
1E3 Leong Wai Yip Winston 2N2 Ariel Kwa Jie Yun
1E4 Puar Chin Yi, Theseus


The International Competitions and Assessments for Schools (ICAS) assesses and measures how students fare on an international scale, involving over two million students from over 20 countries each year. In 2016, 35 Secondary One students were selected to participate in the ICAS English Competition, of which 14 received Certificates of Credit and Merit. Mave Ong (1E2) was awarded the Certificate of Distinction, which recognises participants who scored the top 11% of their cohort.

ICAS English Competition Awardees


Mave Ong Qing Xuan (1E2)


Austin Q. Hilario (1E1)

Deen Latoza Ferozdeen (1E1)

Wong Wai Yi (1E1)

Erni Faizah Bte Iskandar (1E2)

Nicole Kayle Penaanda Dacumos (1E2)

Chaves John Benryk Barnedo (1E4)

Jessie Phay Jie Xin (1E4)

Nova Litty Augustine (1E4)

Zuryn Aisyah Bte Zainudin (1E4)

Ariel Kwa Jie Yun (1E2)


John Kenneth Layba Agpaoa (1E2)

Beer-Sheba Tan (1E3)

Ernest Ng Ming Yi (1E3)

Amanndave Singh Bessi (1N2)

Chong Pang’s Next Top Speakers 2016

Chong Pang’s Next Top Speakers (CPNTS) is an annual inter-school public speaking contest organised by Chong Pang Toastmasters Club. Gladys Law from 2E2 and Izzarilhan bin Selamat from 2E3 were among the 9 finalists in CPNTS 2016, which saw 67 contestants from six secondary schools in Yishun participating in the competition.


Finalist- Gladys Law (2E2)


Finalist- Izzarilhan bin Selamat (2E3)

Organisation Chart

NameExt No.
Mdm Nah Ser Yen (HOD / EL)9017
Mr Burton Row (ST / Lit EL)9035
Miss Heng Chun Wei Esther (LH / EL)9040
Mr Kesavan Ramakrishnan9031
Mrs Lilian Cheong9031
Miss Rachael Chong9039
Miss Wang Weixin Elvina9070
Miss Francesca Tan9032
Mdm Faralina9029
Miss Lim Jia Ning Michelle9028
Mr G N Vijayakumar9032
Mdm Koh Pei Pei Jennifer9041
Mdm Francesca Gomez9041
Mrs Sharon Chen9029
Miss Syafiah Chong9071
Mr Tan Hong Chan9038
Mr Nathanael Victor9048
Miss S Hemalatha9048
Mr Tommy Wong9030
Mr Tan Wei Hong9043
Mr Shawn Neo Pin Han9034
Mdm Jasvin Kaur
Mr M Siva Balan