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About us

AISS Humanities department aims to inculcate students who have a global perspective, critical thinking, an understanding of our past and present, our relationship with the environment, and an understanding of financial literacy, coupled with a passion for the Humanities.

We will promote all of these through our academic subjects of History, Geography, Social Studies, Principle of Accounts and Elements of Business Studies. We will use a variety of pedagogies and assessments to promote critical thinking and use Learning Journeys and ICT to enrich our students’ learning experiences.

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Geographical Inquiry and Adoption of Yishun Pond

In 2015, the Geography Unit of Ahmad Ibrahim Secondary School partnered NParks in the adoption of Yishun Pond.

This adoption aims to:
    1. Partner NParks in extending its outreach to more people and spread the message of conversation and protection of our precious water resources
    2. Enhance the engagement of the students with the needs of the community and be involved in benefitting the residents of Yishun
    3. Gain greater access to Yishun Pond to aid us in the pursuit of expanding our pedagogical horizons
    4. Create a greater sense of place with the neighbourhood and community that we are located


In 2015, we embarked on a project to help students understand the factors that contribute to a healthy riverine ecosystem and we decided that Yishun Pond was the perfect location for this. Since then, we have been getting the students to test the levels of pollutants in various parts of the pond and use the data to compare how the eco system has changed each year. Students are also exposed to one of the many green sites which is an integral part of our community estate planning.

In 2016, our Community Day saw 2 classes participating in raising awareness for the conservation of our limited water resources. 3E4 partnered Iman Kindergarten and created a package for pre-schoolers to enjoy the beauty of the pond and raise the awareness of the necessity to protect our resources. It was a successful partnership and PUB will be using our package for future activities. 2T1 also produced a pamphlet which aims to inform members of the public of the significance of Yishun Pond to our flora and fauna.

Oversea Trip

The Humanities department conducts overseas trips regularly to allow for authentic learning, allow students to see the world through the Humanities lens and make Humanities come alive for the students.

For example, a group of Secondary 3 Express and Normal Academic students were on a trip to Bali in June 2016. This trip was planned to allow students to:

    1. Experience and learn about Balinese culture and history
    2. Inquire, understand and share the impact of tourism on Bali to the school through interviewing both locals and tourists. 

Going to Bali was something new to most of the students and they had the opportunity to explore Balinese culture and the role of tourism through different activities in the trip. For example, they visited the Uluwatu Temple, the most spectacular temple on the island located on the cliff, and enjoyed the traditional Kecak Dance Performance which involved a combination of different Balinese dances. This allowed the students to appreciate the natural beauty of Bali as well to see how culture and history could be preserved and used as a means to promote tourism. As part of the trip, the students also had the chance of visiting Rumah Desa where they went into padi fields to try ploughing the fields using cows and transplanting young padi seedlings from the nursery to another field. This activity allowed students to experience how labour-intensive traditional agriculture is as well as to appreciate the hard work put in by farmers to produce food. n addition, students also got to explore the effects of transnational terrorism on Bali by visiting the site of the Bali blasts as well as to get first-hand accounts of the how the Bali blasts affected the locals. This has helped students gain deeper insights on the harm of transnationalism as well to appreciate the resilience shown by ordinary Balinese when faced with such a crisis. The Bali trip ended with a visit to a local vocational school - SMK 5. At SMK 5, the students had the chance to interact with Balinese students of their age, performed a dance for them, watch more traditional dances put up by the Balinese students and explore how tourism impacted education in Bali as seen in the way SMK 5 prepared students to work in the tourist industry in the future. In sum, the students enjoyed the Bali trip & gained greater understanding of the island through the Humanities lens. 

Humanities Day

Humanities Day is a yearly event conducted as part of the SA2 post-exam activities for all the Secondary 3 Express and Normal Academic students. The rationale for Humanities Day involved increasing student engagement in the learning of Humanities as well as providing a platform to allow students to apply the Humanities knowledge that they have acquired beyond the classroom and examinations.

Humanities Day in 2015 was organised based on the SG50 theme & the concept of the “Amazing Race” where students moved around the school to tackle “challenges” that were represented in the form of Singapore-based subject-related games and activities. For example, the Geography teachers conducted ICT-enabled quizzes on the geography of Singapore as well as on the locations of major cities, major volcanoes and island chains in the world. History teachers took the students down memory lane by presenting them with a quiz on famous places & personalities in Singapore. The Social Studies did an exciting variety show inspired game on matching Ministers to their respective Ministries based on the latest 2015 cabinet setup. In addition, to get students to apply their source handling and investigation skills, History and Social Studies inspired by the well-known series CSI created a crime scene and got students to work in groups to solve the crime. Humanities Day was well-received by the students as seen in their excited faces, high levels of engagement as well as the competitive spirit displayed by some of the classes. In addition, the student survey was also very positive. 




Organisation Chart

NameExt No.
Mr Syed Faisal (HOD / Humanities)
Miss Ong Lay Hoon9044
Mr Teo Chee Siong9031
 Miss Chow Cai Wen9029
Mr Muhammad Faizal 9045
Miss Syafiah Chong9071
Mdm Tay Liling 9046
Miss Zhang Weili 9070
Miss Theresa Ong 9042
Miss Farhanah  
Mr Tan Wei Hong
Mr Nathanael Victor 9048
Mdm Jasvin Kaur  
Mr M Siva Balan