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About Us

Department Vision
Every AI student, a future-ready and critical thinker with a passion for Mathematics

Department Mission
To nurture students to be confident and inquisitive problem solvers

Department Philosophy
We believe every student can do Mathematics and that a strong foundation in the discipline will benefit them in the future. We strive to develop students’ conceptual understanding, cognitive and metacognitive skills, as well as inspire in our students an appreciation of the beauty and relevance of Mathematics. Through Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education, we want our students to be curious about the world around them, think creatively and critically in solving real-world problems.


1. National Digital Literacy Programme (NDLP)

MOE launched the National Digital Literacy Programme for our schools to help students strengthen their digital literacy. Teachers are guided by e-Pedagogy to design learning experiences with their personalised learning devices that enable students to acquire and develop the knowledge, skills and dispositions as future-ready learners. In the Mathematics classrooms, technology is leveraged to differentiate instruction to meet the needs of all students, to foster conceptual change as well as support assessment for learning.

2. Code For Fun Programme

Our Secondary 1 students were treated to the ‘Code For Fun’ programme (offered jointly by IMDA and MOE) that exposed them to computational thinking which refers to the ability to use four skills: abstraction, decomposition, generalisation and algorithmic thinking in solving problems.

Students first learnt the basics of block-based programming and applied the use of a microcontroller, sensors and coding to facilitate daily activities. As part of the programme, students were engaged in a group task that required them to create simulations to solve real-world problems. For example, one of the teams created a smart fan control system to save energy in the house using the Boson Starter Kit. Through the group task, students acquired and applied concepts of design thinking as well as solved real-world problems with the mathematics and science concepts learnt in the classroom.

3. Math Alive!

Conducted as part of post-exam activities on 25 May and 26 May for Sec 1 and 2 students respectively, students experienced part of the mathematical modelling process through the process of solving the problems in the Math Alive! Programme.

The Sec 1 students estimated the maximum number of $1 coins that can be laid in a particular assigned venue, which led to some innovative ways to estimate the variables necessary for them to come up with this maximum number. The Sec 2 students were tasked to investigate if the new strawless lid from Starbucks uses more plastic than the old lid design. This context presents an opportunity to raise awareness about carbon footprint, waste management and sustainability agenda under the Singapore Green Plan 2030.

Through the process, students learnt to formulate the problem, make sense of and discuss data, select and apply appropriate concepts and skills to solve the problems and interpret the mathematical solutions in the context of the problem. Students also acquired STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) knowledge and skills through solving these problems in real world contexts.

4. Lockdown Escape @ AISS

Are you game enough to save the world? Our Secondary 1 students assumed the roles of superheroes as they solved Mathematics-related puzzles to unlock 6 Infinity Stones to fight the supervillain, Thanos, in the Lockdown Escape @AISS! This allowed students to solve higher-order thinking problems and build new knowledge in a fun and collaborative manner.

“I found the Lockdown Escape very exciting and fun! I learnt how to work as a team, think out of the box and persevere in solving all the Mathematics puzzles. I hope there are more chances to play the Lockdown Escape again!” quipped Jenson Heng, after the lockdown escape.

The students were thrilled by the Avengers Endgame storyline and the adrenaline rush of saving the world! We hope that through such learning experiences, we can help students to experience the joy of learning mathematics.

Competition and Enrichment Programme

1. International Mathematical Modeling Challenge

“How can we create plane boarding and disembarking methods that will be the most time-effective in real practice?”

During the March holidays, a team of Secondary Four students worked collaboratively over a period of five days to solve the Boarding and Disembarking problem at the Annual International Mathematical Modeling Challenge, pitching against participants from other teams in Singapore.

The modeling process allowed the students to learn to deal with uncertainty as they needed to break the problem down into smaller parts and make reasonable assumptions. It also provided them with a first taste in problems of such nature they will be working on in the future where there is no one correct answer to the problem.

Year Award
2020 Merit Award
2021 Merit Award
2022 Certificate of Commendation

International Mathematical Modeling Challenge_01.jpg

2. STEM Playground Challenge

Ready, get set, go! A team of Sec 2 students participated in the STEM Playground Challenge jointly organised by Singapore Science Centre and The James Dyson Foundation supported by MOE CPDD Science Branch. Through the challenge, our students had fun experimenting and learning STEM knowledge and skills through real-world contexts. #BeCurious #BeCreative #BeTheChange

STEM Playground Challenge_03.jpeg STEM Playground Challenge_02.png

3. Singapore Mathematical Society Public Lecture 2022

Probability and Combinatorics in School Mathematics by Professor Helmer Aslaksen

On 4 Aug, 2022 a group of students attended the Singapore Mathematical Society Public Lecture 2022 where Prof Helmer talked about interesting problems in probability and combinatorics. These are difficult topics in the school Mathematics curriculum, but our students were intrigued by the lecture on how incorrect arguments may look plausible and correct arguments may look surprising in these topics!

Singapore Mathematical Society Public Lecture 2022.jpg

4. ICAS Mathematics Competition

In 2019, 30 of our Sec 1 students participated in the International Competitions and Assessments for Schools, Mathematics competition. The competition is designed to assess the students’ ability to apply classroom learning in new contexts, using higher-order thinking and problem-solving skills. Our students attained 5 Distinction, 15 Credit, 2 Merit and 8 Participation. We congratulate the winners on their outstanding achievements!

ICAS Mathematics Competition_01.png

5. Financial Literacy for Youths Race (FLY)

A group of Sec 3 students took part in the Financial Literacy for Youths Race (FLY) in 2019. The race was organised by the School of Management and Communications from Republic Polytechnic. Our students pit their thinking skills against other schools to complete a series of financial literacy-related challenges and were awarded the bronze award!

FLY_01.png FLY_02.png

C. B. Paul Science Quiz 2019


Four of our students participated in the 41st International C. B. Paul Science Quiz 2019. An annual competition organised by the Anglo-Chinese Junior College in collaboration with the Nanyang Technological University and the National University of Singapore. The competition challenges our students in the areas of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Computer Science.

The students are self-directed and independent learners who went beyond the school syllabus to prepare for the quiz.

Their determination and perseverance paid off, with Ang Tien Wen from 4E4 achieving the Silver Award and Tan Hong Zhang from 4E4 has achieving the Bronze Award. Congratulations to them!

Name Class Award
Ang Tien Wen 4E4 Silver
Tan Hong Zhang 4E4 Bronze
Austin Q Hilario 4E4 Merit
Caleb Steven 4E4 Participation

American Mathematics Competition

The American Mathematics Competitions (AMC) program, organised by the Mathematical Association of America (MAA), leads the nation in strengthening the mathematical capabilities of the next generation of problem-solvers.

A total of 29 Secondary Four students participated in the AMC in 2017. This competition has certainly sharpened our students’ problem solving skills and developed their appreciation for mathematics.

Singapore Mathematical Olympiad (SMO)

The Singapore Mathematical Olympiad (SMO) organised and held yearly by the Singapore Mathematical Society, is the largest and oldest mathematics competition in Singapore.

For the past two years, our students have made us proud by obtaining Silver, Bronze and Honourable Mention awards for the SMO! Well done, AI!

The names of the winners were as follows:

Name Class Award Year
Austin Q Hilario 2E1 Silver 2017
Izwan B Indra 2E1 Honourable Mention 2017
Lam Wei Lin, Jolie 2E1 Honourable Mention 2017
Tan Hong Zhang 2E1 Honourable Mention 2017
Lau Wen Hao 2E1 Honourable Mention 2017
Austin Q Hilario 3E4 Bronze 2018
Yee Jen Mok, Lionel 3E4 Honourable Mention 2018

Australian Mathematics Competition (AMC)

The Australian Mathematics Competition (AMC) has been held annually since 1978 and its one of the internationally recognised mathematics contests.

AI has bagged a total of 4 distinctions and 26 credits for the past two years!

Singapore Mathematical Olympiad (2016)

Wan Wei Jie 2E1 Silver
Guo Jiming 2E1 Honourable Mention

All Singapore Secondary Mathematics Competition for Normal Course Students (2016)

Jarvis Lee Kah Jun 2N1 10th place

Secondary Mathematics Challenge @ NJC (2016)

Toh Hengyi Lucas 4E4 Honourable Mention
Saw Wei Han 4E4 Honourable Mention
Teo Ming Feng 4E4 Honourable Mention
Angel Han Feng Yi 4E4 Honourable Mention

Singapore Mathematical Olympiad (2015)

Preston Ang Hao Yang 2E1 Honourable Mention
Dian Nuratiqah Bte Azlan 2E2 Honourable Mention
Marcus Tan Lai He 2E3 Honourable Mention

All Singapore Mathematics Competition for Normal Course Students (2015)

Koh Qi Jing 3T1 11th place
Nur Atiqah Afza Bte Hadely 1T1 13th place

Australian Mathematics Competition (2015)

Benetton Koh How Song 1E1 Credit
Abbinesh Daran Nair M 1E1 Credit
Wan Wei Jie 1E1 Credit
Benjamin Ho Ting Hui 1E1 Credit
Ho Ren Wen Louis 1E2 Credit
Kai Williams 1E4 Credit
Gavin Tan 2E1 Credit
Koay Jun Zhi 2E1 Credit
Licia Teo Ning Xuan 2E2 Credit
Ng Xian Bin 2E2 Credit
Nicholas Enrique Selvaraj 2E5 Credit

Singapore and Asian Schools Math Olympiads (2014)&

Ong Jia Yi 1E1 Bronze
Tan Yi Tong 1E1 Bronze
Elgin Tan Zhi Ming 1E1 Silver
Koay Jun Zhi 1E1 Silver

Team position - 7th out of 18 Singapore schools

Singapore Mathematical Olympliad (SMO) (2014)

Lee Ia Ern 2E3 Special Mention
Mateen Shamyl b Mohamed Isham 2E2 Bronze

Australian Mathematics Competition (AMC) (2014)

Nyan Lin Htet 2E1 Credit
Teo Ming Feng 2E1 Credit
Toh Hengyi Lucas 2E1 Credit
Leong Jia Ying 2E2 Credit
Mateen Syamyl B Mohamed Isham 2E2 Credit
Wu Ji 2E2 Credit
Madeline Lim Chia Bing 2E3 Credit
Ong Jia Le 2E3 Credit
Tan How Suen 2E3 Credit
Chan Cheng Long 2E4 Credit
Kong Wan Ling 2E4 Credit
Ong Cai Qing 2E4 Credit
Roopesh S/O V Sivaraman 2E4 Credit
Isaac Hakeem B Ludin 2E4 Distinction
Muhammad Nur Izeyar B Yazid 2E4 Distinction

Singapore Normal Mathematics Competition (2014)

Cai Yizhen 2N2 9th place
Farah Ayuni Bte Rashid 3T2 13th place

Organisation Chart

Ms Woo Huey Ming
Mr Quah Wai Kuan
Mrs Foo Sok Gek
Mr Teo Lip Seng
Mr Tee Hong Heng
Miss Rozilawati Rahim
Mdm Chia Yun Xin
Ms Melody Ho
Mdm Sumitha
Mdm Azizah
Ms Foo Hui Cheng, Candee
Mr Lim Yeow Teck, Roy
Mr Luo Zhengyang
Mdm Santhi
Mdm Puah Shi Hui, Silia
Mdm Phua Meng Hong 
Mr Muhd Na’im Bin Sa’dollah
Mr Marcus Lau Shao Yu
Ms Tsang Wing Han
Mr Matthew Ng