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About us

The team believes that every child can do Mathematics and that a strong foundation in the subject will serve them well in the future. We support the teaching and learning of the secondary mathematics curriculum and seek to develop students’ cognitive and metacognitive skills and concepts as well as to allow them to appreciate the beauty and relevance of Mathematics in the real world.

We support all our students in the learning of Mathematics especially for those who require more guidance. At the same time, we strive to stretch students who have a higher aptitude for the subject so that they can pursue a course at the highest possible level in this discipline in the future.


AISS offers a comprehensive Mathematics Programme catering to different abilities.

    1. Students in the Express Stream will offer a 4-year O-Level Elementary Mathematics Programme which prepares them for the GCE O- Level Examination. These students will be given the option to offer O-Level Additional Mathematics when they progress into Secondary Three. The O-Level Additional Mathematics Programme is a 2-year programme leading to the GCE O-Level Examination.
    2. Students in the Normal (Academic) Stream will offer a 4-year N-Level Elementary Mathematics (A) Programme leading to the GCE N-Level Examination. Students who continue their Secondary 5 will join the O-Level Programme. To allow our students to realise their potential to the fullest, mathematically-inclined students in the Normal (Academic) Stream may be invited to offer the O-Level Elementary Mathematics Programme which allows them to sit for the subject at O-Level at Secondary 4. 
    3. Students in the Normal (Technical) Stream will offer a 4-year N-Level Elementary Mathematics (T) Programme leading to the GCE ‘N'-Level Examination.
Besides curriculum programmes, students also have the opportunity to participate in Mathematics Enrichment Programmes which stimulate their interest in learning the subject. These are hands-on out-of-classroom events that allow our students to apply their Mathematics knowledge in real-life situations.

Sec 1 Mathemazing Race

Conducted in May, after the Mid-Year Examinations, this Math Trail provides opportunities for Secondary 1 students to apply their Mathematical skills to solve real-life problems. Complementing the content of Mathematics taught in the classroom, it is our hope that the Race will build up our students’ confidence, aptitude and positive attitude towards Mathematics.

Sec 2 Mathematical Modelling
A Mathematical Modelling workshop was conducted for all the Secondary 2 students after the Mid-year exams.

“Mathematical modelling is a process of representing real world problems in mathematical terms in an attempt to find solutions to the problems.  A mathematical model can be considered as a simplification or abstraction of a (complex) real world problem or situation into a mathematical form, thereby converting the real world problem into a mathematical problem.  The mathematical problem can then be solved using whatever known techniques to obtain a mathematical solution.  This solution is then interpreted and translated into real terms.”  Ang Keng Cheng, National Institute of Education.

Two different real-world problems were crafted by our Math teachers for the Express and the Normal Academic/ Technical students. Besides thinking hard  and considering the mathematical concepts that were needed to be applied, students were seen cooperating with each other and putting their best effort during this 2-hour workshop. 

Improving Confidence & Achievement in Numeracy (ICAN) Project 
The ICAN Project was started by HQ in 2013 and AI came on board the project in 2015. We believe that it is important for students to score a pass in Mathematics as failure limits post-secondary options and affects future employability. Thus, early and timely intervention is needed. The target students are our 1 NT and 3 NT students who are likely to have experienced little success in the learning of Mathematics at the primary levels. The purpose of embarking in this project is to raise the confidence and improve Math achievement of NT students. At the same time, teachers of these students are equipped with the knowledge, skills and resources to support their students in the learning of Mathematics. The end of year results for the students in this project is encouraging as we see an overall higher percentage of passes and overall lower MSG achieved. The teachers involved in this project also expressed satisfaction in being able to learn new skills and techniques from external mentors. This year has borne the fruits of our labour and we hope to continue the trajectory of our progress. 


Selected students were sent for Mathematics Competitions to increase their exposure to opportunities for higher level application of Mathematics. Below are our achievements for 2014 - 2016.  

Singapore and Asian Schools Math Olympiads (2014)

Ong Jia Yi  1E1 Bronze
 Tan Yi Tong 1E1 Bronze
Elgin Tan Zhi Ming  1E1 Silver
Koay Jun Zhi 1E1 Silver

Team position -  7th out of 18 Singapore schools

Singapore Mathematical Olympliad (SMO) (2014) 

Lee Ia Ern 2E3 Special Mention
Mateen Shamyl b Mohamed Isham 2E2 Bronze

Australian Mathematics Competition (AMC) (2014)

Nyan Lin Htet 2E1 Credit
Teo Ming Feng  2E1 Credit
Toh Hengyi Lucas  2E1 Credit 
Leong Jia Ying  2E2  Credit 
Mateen Syamyl B Mohamed Isham  2E2 Credit 
Wu Ji  2E2 Credit 
Madeline Lim Chia Bing  2E3 Credit 
Ong Jia Le  2E3 Credit 
Tan How Suen 2E3 Credit 
Chan Cheng Long  2E4 Credit 
Kong Wan Ling  2E4  Credit
Ong Cai Qing  2E4  Credit 
Roopesh S/O V Sivaraman  2E4  Credit
Isaac Hakeem B Ludin  2E4  Distinction 
Muhammad Nur Izeyar B Yazid 2E4 Distinction

Singapore Normal Mathematics Competition (2014)

Cai Yizhen 2N2 9th place
Farah Ayuni Bte Rashid 3T2 13th place

Singapore Mathematical Olympiad (2015)

Preston Ang Hao Yang 2E1 Honourable Mention
Dian Nuratiqah Bte Azlan  2E2  Honourable Mention
Marcus Tan Lai He 2E3 Honourable Mention

All Singapore Mathematics Competition for Normal Course Students (2015)

Koh Qi Jing 3T1 11th place
Nur Atiqah Afza Bte Hadely 1T1 13th place

Australian Mathematics Competition (2015)

Benetton Koh How Song 1E1 Credit
Abbinesh Daran Nair M 1E1 Credit
Wan Wei Jie  1E1 Credit
Benjamin Ho Ting Hui  1E1 Credit
Ho Ren Wen Louis  1E2 Credit
Kai Williams  1E4 Credit
Gavin Tan  2E1 Credit
Koay Jun Zhi  2E1 Credit
Licia Teo Ning Xuan  2E2 Credit
Ng Xian Bin 2E2 Credit
Nicholas Enrique Selvaraj  2E5 Credit

Singapore Mathematical Olympiad (2016)

Wan Wei Jie 2E1 Silver
Guo Jiming 2E1 Honourable Mention

All Singapore Secondary Mathematics Competition for Normal Course Students (2016)

Jarvis Lee Kah Jun 2N1 10th place

Secondary Mathematics Challenge @ NJC (2016)

Toh Hengyi Lucas 4E4 Honourable Mention
 Saw Wei Han 4E4 Honourable Mention
Teo Ming Feng  4E4 Honourable Mention
Angel Han Feng Yi  4E4 Honourable Mention 

Organisation Chart

NameExt No.
 Miss Rozilawati Rahim9040
 Miss Agnes Lim Siew Mei9034
Miss Foo Hui Cheng Candee 9049
 Mdm Francesca Gomez9041
 Mdm Koh Pei Pei Jennifer9041
 Mr Lim Yeow Teck, Roy9045
 Mrs Foo Sok Gek9036
 Mr Luo Zhengyang9028
 Mr Muhammad Luqman Bin Rahim9038
Mr Ong Boon Siong 9020
 Mdm Phua Shi Hui, Silia9035
Mr Tan Boon Cheong Marc9047
Mr Tee Hong Heng 9014
Mr Steven Tan 9043
 Mr Muhd Na'im Bin Sa'dollah9070
Miss Ong Su San9034
Mdm Lee Jia Min 9032
Miss Li Huimin9028
Miss Chia Meil Lin Tania