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Mother Tongue

 About Us

The department consists of 3 language units: Chinese, Malay and Tamil. Our school offers Higher Mother Tongue Languages as well. Higher Chinese is taught in our school whereas the Higher Malay and Higher Tamil students attend lessons at the various Language Centres.
The department aims to develop all our students to be cultured individuals who are articulate and confident speakers.


“To learn, love and live the language”

Through the provision of a rich curriculum and authentic learning experiences, the Mother Tongue Languages Department is committed to develop our students into youths who are confident in communicating and expressing themselves in their MTLs. Cultural values and knowledge are two other important components of language learning.

The Chinese, Malay and Tamil Units teach the respective Mother Tongue languages as practical and living languages, imparting values and developing the students’ cultural identities at the same time. We believe in nurturing a bilingual identity in our students, and strive to inspire in them a love for their Mother Tongue languages.

CL: 乐学善用,学得开心,用得自在。

ML: Bahasa disanjung, budaya dijunjung

TL:  கற்போம்!  நேசிப்போம்வாழும்மொழி ஆக்குவோம்!

Organisation Chart

NameDesignationExt No.
Ms Lea Shu HuiHead of Department Mother Tongue Language/Chinese Literature9016
Mr R Azmann B A RahmanSubject Head, Malay Language9035
 Mr B VinayagamTamil Language Coordinator 9029
Mdm Goh Yuh PingUpper Sec Chinese Coordinator 9043
Mr Zhang Xinwen
Senior Teacher (CL) / Higher Chinese Coordinator

Unit  Name Ext No.
Chinese  Ms Ang Ping Ying 9033
Chinese Ms Chiau Woon Chin 9039
Chinese  Miss Ho Peishan 9070
Chinese Mr Law Shun Yong 9037
Chinese Miss Oon Xiu Wen 9037
Chinese Mdm Ren Jing 9032
Chinese Mdm Xie Xiaowen 9043
Malay Mdm Shamsiah 9042
Malay  Miss Siti Salmiah 9042 
Malay Mdm Fitrah  9033
Tamil  Mr Seetharaman 9029
Tamil  Mr Kaliyaperumal 9035