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Chinese Language Unit

About Us

For CL students, besides the MOE curriculum, we have school-based curriculum including:

  1. During the first week of Term 1, teachers teach students general CL grammars, dictionary using skills, and Chinese input skills.

  2. By the end of Term 1, teachers will introduce and mentor lower sec pupils to read one picture book to enhance their reading interests and higher order thinking skills. e.g. 《小房子》,《橘色奇迹》。

  3. After mid-year exams, “MT culture day” gives students different learning journey and fun on Chinese culture, literature and language. Sec 3 pupils are also given opportunities to appreciate Chinese drama.

  4. During June Holiday, we prepare different reading articles catering to students with different reading competencies. By doing online worksheets, to extend their vocabulary, and promote their reading skills. The winners will get awards and title of “阅读小博士”.

  5. In Term 3, there will be an essay writing competition and a Chinese Calligraphy Competition. The winners will get awards.

  6. Since oral skills have gained prominence all the time, we offer students intensive oral practice in Term 3. The ICT assessment tools and rubrics cultivate students’ self-directed learning skills and collaborative learning skills.

  7. To help students have a solid vocabulary foundation in lower-sec, through the whole year, we stress the vocabulary teaching and learning through ICT. The online vocabulary games consult the interests of pupils, and help cultivate students’ self-directed learning skills as well.

  8. To help expose pupils with overseas experience, MT department is organizing Taiwan Immersion trip in Sept 2013 for sec 2 and 3 pupils.

  9. There is a shared blog for students containing Lower-sec CL teaching and learning resources, programmes, SOW, and components for each exam results.

Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year 2017


Year of Monkey left, treasure your own precious time and ride on the crest of past success.
Year of rooster arrives, be purposeful and work harder, firmly secure outstanding performance in all you do.

Chinese New Year is an annual celebration for all in AISS. As last several years, MT department invited vendor to teach students to write calligraphy couplets which were used to decorate the school to usher in the new year. Each year we have classroom decoration competition which made whole school was full of new year atmosphere. The school’s performing arts teams such as Chinese Orchestra and Dance Ensemble put up wonderful performances. 

We also continued last year’s item-Video from AI students. This year the video theme was “How does AI celebrate CNY?”. In order to add joy and let all AI family celebrate together, We had a game “Guess the CNY customs” which included all races, both students and teachers. They all enjoyed the games and hoped be involved next year celebration. Chinese traditional Peking opera gave all school a chance to watch how Peking opera performed. 

And also, Chinese Culture and Quiz presentation related to Peking opera which could let students know more about Chinese culture. The performance by the Lion Dance troupe brought the celebration to its climax as we usher in the year of Monkey.

Experience Traditional Chinese Culture

今年我校华文部为低年级华文学生举办了丰富多彩的母语文化节(Mother Tongue Cultural  Day)。3月7日,华文部为中二华文学生举办了“品茗之旅,体验茶趣”活动(Tea Appreciation)。5月23日,中一华文学生以分班比赛的方式体验三项华族传统文化。活动节目包括:“制作汤圆”、“制作竹质书签”和“刻印章·做名片”。其中“刻印章·做名片”是首次举办的创新活动,深受学生欢迎。学生首先了解印章的起源、功能和相关文化知识;然后在导师指导下,学生在橡皮材料上设计好华文名字,再用刻刀制将它雕刻成“印章”。接着,学生将自己的华文名印章印在事先制作好的“名片”上。最后,学生与班级同学分享自己华文名字的来历、含义和相关的趣事。

Enthusiastically designing names on erasers, carefully carving names with sharp crafting tools under the guidance of rubber stamp experts, and excitedly stamping their own carvings on “name cards” – this was the way we unveiled the Mother Tongue Cultural Day for our lower secondary Chinese Language (CL) students. They were immersed in a wide range of hands-on activities that opened their eyes to Chinese culture and practices. The Secondary Two students experienced the process of brewing “Gong Fu Cha功夫茶” with excitement and curiosity. Secondary One students participated in interclass competitions revolving around three traditional Chinese cultural practices, namely Tang Yuan Making, Bamboo Bookmarks Making and Rubber Stamp Carving.

体验华族传统文化  传唱本土华文歌曲

今年我校华文部积极推行教育部的“母语双周”计划,为低年级华文学生举办母语文化节(Mother Tongue Cultural  Day)。5月22日,中一华文学生首先分班体验华族传统工艺的魅力。活动节目丰富多样:基础华文班(1NT)的学生体验制作风筝和陶艺(Kite Making & Clay Modelling);普通华文班(1NA)的学生学习制作艺术扇面(Fan Art);快捷和高华班(1E&1HCL)的学生设计制作手偶(Hand Puppet making)。接着,学生们齐聚礼堂,共同欣赏、传唱新加坡流华文行歌曲。通过这些活动,同学们加深了对华族传统文化和本土华文歌曲的了解与认同,也激发了同学们学习华文的兴趣与热忱!

5月17日,华文部也为中二华文学生举办了“品茗之旅,体验茶趣”活动(Tea Appreciation)。华文学生在老师们的带领下前往本地两间茶馆(怡心轩YIXINGXUAN和茶渊TEA CHAPTER)了解茶文化,体验泡茶与品茶。此外,我们也邀请义顺舞狮团来学校为2NT的华文学生举办舞狮训练。同学们对这些活动兴趣盎然,积极参与互动节目,在其乐融融的氛围中不仅练习使用华语,也更加深入地了解茶艺与舞狮的内涵和趣味。

In active response to MOE’s “Mother Tongue Fortnight” programme, the Chinese Unit held the Mother Tongue Cultural Day for our lower secondary CL students this year on 22nd May. Our secondary 1 CL students were the first to gain hands-on experience in making traditional Chinese handicraft. There were a wide range of activities such as Kite Making & Clay Modelling for 1NT BCL students, Fan Art for 1NA CL students as well as Hand Puppet Making for 1E CL and HCL students. The students also got to enjoy and sing popular local Chinese songs in the hall. Through such activities, students gained a deeper understanding of Chinese Culture as well as local Chinese music, which in return sparked their enthusiasm for learning Chinese.

On 17th May, the Chinese Unit also hosted a Tea Appreciation learning journey for the secondary 2 CL students. Chinese students were led by teachers to visit two local teahouses – Yi Xing Xuan and Tea Chapter to learn about tea culture, through experiencing the process of making and drinking tea. Additionally, we invited Yishun Lion Dance Team to host lion dance workshops for our 2NT BCL students. Students were actively engaged in these events and learnt more about the rich heritage behind tea and lion dance, in addition to the great opportunities to deepen their knowledge of Chinese language.

Chinese Heritage on Stage

What is your dialect group? How much do you know about your heritage? What does being Chinese mean? These were questions that put the Secondary 3 Chinese students in deep thought after their theatre experience this year. 

At AISS, every Secondary 3 student has the opportunity to watch a Chinese theatre performance handpicked for them as part of the school’s Chinese Arts & Culture Appreciation programme. It was their first Chinese musical for many of them. Watching Sometimes Moon (有时月光)at Victoria Theatre opened students’ eyes to the struggles of our forefathers and the rise and fall of a 100-year-old clan association in Singapore, among others, imbuing a newfound appreciation for and curiosity about their heritage. 

We hope that this glimpse of Chinese theatre has brought students’ lesser known ethnic histories to life, and will continue to grow their interest in Chinese heritage.

Cultural Immersion Trip

Xi-an Immersion Trip 2018

Flowers of Friendship Bloom between AI and Xi’an Local School

Sporting big smiles and brimming with anticipation, 3 teacher and 30 students from Secondary 1 to 3 gathered at Changi airport, ready for their immersion trip to Xi’an, China. 

“I can’t wait to make new friends at the Xi’an school!” shouted one excited student. Their eagerness was evident in their expectant eyes. 

Over a period of 7 days and 6 nights, our students expanded their horizons through visits to landmarks such as Wild Goose Pagoda and Tang Paradise Park. The students were especially awed by the Terracotta Warriors, the 8th wonder of the world, and could not help but snap numerous photos of the sights as a memento. In the presence of so many visually stunning sites of history, they began to grow a newfound sense of belonging to their Chinese heritage.   

Yet, it was not merely the sights that the students would look back fondly on. Sitting in on lessons and chatting with the local students at Xi’an Aizhi Middle School (西安爱知中学), the camaraderie and friendship that our students gained turned out to be the highlight of the trip. 


Taiwan Cultural Immersion Trip 2017


2017年伊欣师生于10月29日到11月4日进行了为期一个星期的台湾浸濡之旅,无论是老师还是学生都满载而归。30位学生参观了具有浓厚历史文化气息的台北故宫和偶戏博物馆,有机会登顶台北101一览整个城市的壮丽夜景。我们也 第二次以学生团的形式访问了台北民生国民中学,同那里的学生进行深层次的交流,探讨了两所学校共通之处,并与那里的学生结下了深厚的友谊。花莲之行让学生们领略到了山河之美,见识了大自然的魅力,开拓了他们的视野也同时让他们意识到保护环境的重要性。七天时间虽然一晃而过,但我们相信留在学生心中的种子必将开花结果。

30 students with 3 teachers embarked on a cultural immersion trip to Taiwan between 29 Oct and 4 Nov 2017. This trip gave both students and teachers a very good chance to know more about  the Taiwanese people and society, thus they can widen their horizons and deepen their understanding of the outside world. Students visited Taipei Palace Museum and Puppet Museum, they showed interest in these places related to history and Chinese culture. Students also visited local schools to have a musical exchange with peers and developed a deeper understanding and appreciation of traditional Chinese musical instruments and Chinese culture. During this trip, students became more independent and more mature, the seeds in their hearts will finally blossom and bear fruit.