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Malay Language Unit

About Us

“Bahasa dijunjung, budaya disanjung”

Language learning and culture appreciation are two main foci that the Malay Language Unit strives to provide for the ML students in AI.  We aspire to develop our students into proud and confident speaker of the Malay Language, individuals who love their mother tongue and appreciate their culture.

MT Cultural Day

The MT Cultural Day in AI has never failed to create a very vibrant learning environment.  Immersing in various cultural activities, our Malay Language (ML) students had lots of fun exploring their own heritage while at the same time picking up new skills and knowledge.  From playing the ‘kompang’ to trying out ‘dikir barat’, our Secondary 1 students gained a whole new experience in Malay traditional music and performance art.  The Secondary 2 students, on the other hand, had an intriguing time with ‘wayang kulit’, a form of shadow puppetry which marries the art of storytelling and shadow play, backed by an ensemble of traditional instruments.

Dari tahun ke tahun, Hari Kebudayaan di Sekolah Menengah Ahmad Ibrahim sentiasa sahaja menjadi wadah bagi satu sesi pembelajaran yang amat memberangsangkan.  Menerusi pelibatan aktif dalam pelbagai aktiviti kebudayaan yang disediakan, para pelajar berpeluang meraih pengalaman yang menyeronokkan mengenali dengan lebih dekat lagi seni dan budaya bangsa.  Bertumpu pada muzik dan teater tradisional,  pelajar-pelajar Menengah 1 telah diperkenalkan kepada dua cabang seni yang masih kekal popular dalam kalangan masyarakat Melayu hari ini, iaitu seni permainan kompang dan seni dikir barat.  Para pelajar Menengah 2 pula didedahklan kepada seni wayang kulit, sejenis teater tradisional yang mempamerkan kemahiran bercerita, perdalangan dan seni muzik.

Hari Raya Showcase

Hari Raya has always been the best time for students to showcase their talents on stage. Apart from sharing the wonderful vibes of the festive occassion, it also provides our students an opportunity to showcase various Malay cultures to the school community. 

Overseas Immersion Programme

Bandung, the flower city of West Java, Indonesia was the destination of our Malay Language Cultural Immersion Programme last year.  The 5D4N programme from 30 October to 3 November 2016 aimed to provide students with various authentic learning experiences and endless opportunities for deeper learning.  Throughout the 5 days, our students, with iPads in hand, were busy capturing and recording their learnings, engaging locals in interviews and documenting them in their blogs. 

Favourites among the students were the trip to Tangkuban Perahu and SMKN 11 Bandung.  Tangkuban Perahu offered the amazing panoramic scenery of the mountainous area surrounding Kawah Ratu (Queen’s crater).  The legend of Sangkuriang, a story behind the existence of Tangkuban Perahu itself was by itself also a great takeaway. 

SMKN 11 Bandung, on the other hand, offered us their warm friendship, cultural learning experiences and opportunities for meaningful interactions.  From the students there, our students learnt about traditional musical instruments, like the ‘angklung’ and ‘gamelan’.


We believe every student can excel and everyone wants to give their best.  To help our students grow and develop, we will ensure that they are given the exposure and opportunity that they need.  In recent years, we have organised and also taken part in various competitions to challenge our students to stretch their ablility and to reach for the sky.

  • AISS Essay Writing Competition
  • AISS Malay Language & Culture Quiz
  • National Malay Language Scrabble Competition
  • National Essay Writing Competition Berita Harian’s Kem Obor (Journalism Camp)


Excelling at national stage brings about a lot of joy and satisfaction.  It creates self-confidence and develop the desire to persist and strive for the best.  In the previous National Essay Writing Competition organised by EDN Limited, two of our students did the school proud by emerging among the Top 33 in a National Level Creative Essay Writing Competition. The two talented writers are Nazurah Zulkiflee of 1E3 (left) and Nur Izzati bte Mohamed of 4N1.

ML National Essay Writing.jpg


At the National Sahibba (Malay Scrabble) Competition 2016, represented by Muhammad Ifir Haiqel (3E1), Melissa bte Abd Latiff (3E3), Zarhidah bte Baharuddin (3N2), Zahara bte Abd Rashid (3N2) did AI proud by emerging as North Zone runners-up.  

Learning Journey

Earlier in the year, some of our 4N students had the chance to witness the production work of a local Malay TV drama.   The behind-the-scene experience was indeed a very enriching one.  To top it up, students were given the opportunity to mingle with and interview the TV stars.

The students came back and penned their experience down.  Their writing was then submitted to i3 GenG, Berita Harian’s students weekly publication.

The article written by Nuruljannah (4N1) and Muhd Faris (4N2) was published on 18 April 2016.

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