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Physical Education

About Us

Motto: Play to Learn, Learn to Play

The PE department hopes to empower the pupils and provide an experience that will allow them to achieve the following learning outcomes:

  1. Pupils have the skill, knowledge and positive attitude to participate in physical activities
  2. Pupils participate regularly in physical activities and are physically fit
  3. Pupils learn responsible personal and social behavior and through their participations in physical activities.
  4. Pupils have the skills, knowledge and attitudes to PRACTISE healthy lifestyle.

The Learning Outcomes will be delivered through the following content areas:

  1. Sports Education
  2. Fitness Management
  3. Personal and Social Responsibility
  4. Active Lifestyle (Outdoor Education and Life skill Enrichment)


OLE (Outdoor Learning Experience) 1,2,3
In line with our department’s mission to develop students’ interest in participating in physical activities and practicing a healthy lifestyle, the PE department has been organizing OLE (Outdoor Learning Experience) programmes for the Secondary 1,2 and 3.

OLE is about learning through direct experience in the outdoor environment or in nature. The activities are inherently students centered and hands on, conducted outside the traditional confine of the classrooms, as such students tend to be excited and enthusiastic participants.

Currently, the OLE programmes for the
Secondary 1 students is a 4 days non-residential camp,
Secondary 2 students is a 4 days residential camp in Singapore,
Secondary 3 students is a 4 days overseas expedition.

The OLE activities include camping, rock-climbing, trekking, kayaking, challenge rope course and group initiative games.

Through these outdoor experiences, we wish to:

OLE 1 - Build Resilience, teamwork and develop a sense of Awareness to Oneself, Others and pride to local outdoor Environment

OLE 2 - Provide opportunities to build self-confidence, develop an Adventurous spirit and enhancing Sense of Belonging through shared common experience

OLE 3 - Application of Outdoor skills in nature, developing Character and enhancing environmental/cultural awareness.

Sports Carnival

Our Annual Sport Carnival plays an important role in promoting physical activities and healthy lifestyle. It also provides opportunities for building class spirit and teacher-student bonding.

The focus of the Sports Carnival is mass participation. It consists both land and Water activities. In Water activities, there are Dragon Boat Races for the top 8 Classes of each level on the actual day. Qualifying races were conducted days. There are also inter-class Kayaking races for all the levels. It consists of 3 categories; Boys Doubles, Girls Doubles and Mixed Doubles.

The Land activities consist of inter-class Cross-Country races for the different levels. The pupils are required to do a 3.8km run around the Bedok Reservoir Park. A series of Team Games were also introduced in 2012 as part of the Land activities to cater to students are less athletically inclined and to promote class spirit.

Interclass games for all levels

The interclass games is the conclusion to each Sport Education Module the pupils experienced in each semester.

Pupils will experience at least 8 Sports Education modules (1 Striking game, 2 Net games, and 5 territorial games) in their secondary school experience.

Each module consists of 10 weeks (20 periods) of PE lessons in which the students learn the skills, rules and strategies in playing the games.

Swimming programme for Secondary 1 students

The swimming programme is introduced for the Secondary One students to provide them with a platform to learn basic swimming strokes, water safety awareness and basic rescue techniques. This also enhances their readiness for the outdoor programmes subsequently.

Organisation Chart

Mr Yao Zijian (HOD / Physical Sports & Outdoor Education)
Mr Tan Boon Seng
Ms Lilian Loh
Mr Fong Tjenshan
Mr Toh Wei Xiong, Tommy
Miss Tsang Win Han