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The IPVI aims to:
  • provide secondary education to VI students through integration in a mainstream school.
  • enable VI students to study alongside sighted peers to promote mutual respect and appreciation.
  • provide support and facilities to enable VI students to complete secondary education.
  • impart skills and knowledge to VI students to prepare them for future pursuits.

The school adopts the following approaches:
    1. Integration: VI students study together with sighted peers.
      • Students are placed in appropriate streams based on their PSLE score.
  • Students will attend mainstream classes for all subjects, except art, Food and Consumer Education, Design and Technology and P.E. Non-Malay students are exempted from taking Mother Tongue.
    1. Inclusion: Activities are planned to ensure that VI students are included to promote mutual respect and appreciation.
  • Students will participate in CCA, Community Involvement Projects, Sports Carnival, Outdoor Learning Experience and other school activities and functions.
  • All Sec 1 students will embark on a learning journey to Dialogue in the Dark to understand the plight of visual impairment and to foster empathy for their VI peers.
    1. Accommodation: Special arrangements are made to ensure that VI students are able to meet course criteria through
  • offering alternative subject, e.g. Music, Elements of Business Skills
  • Modification of course content

Students receive individual guidance and assistance from
  • Resource teachers who facilitate their learning through provision of lesson materials in Braille, subject coaching, instruction in special skills and counselling.
  • Subject teachers who conduct extra lessons in addition to individual attention in class.
  • Teachers and School Counsellors who provide emotional support.
  • Buddies who assist VI students in moving around school compound and following lessons in class.
  • Exam Committee who plans for special arrangements and extended time for exams

Training modules are conducted to enhance students’ learning, physical well-being and character development. These include:
  • Daily Living Skills module
  • IT training
  • Skills workshops, e.g. First aid
  • P.E. and sound ball

Special facilities are put in place to support VI students and their learning.
  • Resource Room
    • to which VI students proceed to receive support and assistance from Resource teachers.
    • Which is furnished with amenities for life skill training
    • provides students with a conducive place for learning.
  • Assistive technology devices which include
    • Electronic talking/magnification software devices, Braille machines, computers, etc.
  • Braille materials
    • Textbooks, lesson materials, etc.

The school leaders and staff work closely with the following to support VI students
  • MOE – Special Education Branch, Singapore Examination and Assessment Board, Psychological Services Branch
  • Parents/Guardians
  • Singapore Association for the Visually Handicapped and other VWOs
  • Study groups from learning institutions
  • Media