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School Identity

School Crest
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School Flag

School Crest

The torch with its red glowing flame symbolizes the light of integrity and the warmth of compassion. It inspires every pupil to bear the truth, stand up for righteousness and at the same time to have a heart for others, serve those in need.

The twirling background design together with the torch is a stylized depiction of the letters, “ai”, the abbreviated form of the school name, Ahmad Ibrahim Secondary School .

The green colour shows our shared value of harmony in a multi-racial, multi-religious school and the silver colour, our perseverance in the pursuit of excellence.


With Integrity and Compassion


Every AI Student, a young lady or gentleman who cares, learns and excels for AI and for nation.


To grow students with strength of character, nurturing inquiring and disciplined minds inspire courage to lead and serve.


AI RISE with Care, Courage and Gratitude.
R Resilience
I Integrity
S Steadfastness
E Excellence