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Our Belief

Every child has something good waiting to appear, it just takes

  • the right people,
  • the right time and
  • the right words and actions
  • to bring it out.

Our Role

In supporting school vision of Caring School, Learning Community, we strive to preserve a safe and conducive environment for all students to learn and for all teachers to teach by:

  1. Setting the tone of behaviour for all students;

  2. Correcting and restoring offenders into the AI learning community;

  3.  and Inculcating in students AI Core Values of Responsibility, Resilience, Respect, Care, Integrity, Harmony and Excellence.

Partnership woth Parents

  1. Update your latest contact numbers with the school;

  2. Help to monitor your child’s activities outside school;

  3. Make time to conference with your child and the school;

  4. Keep reminding and encouraging your child to work towards their goal; and

  5.  Keep in close communication with the form-teachers / subject-teachers through face-to-face meetings, emails or phone calls