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The Oratorical Debate and Drama Society (ODDS)

 About Us

Oratorical Debate and Drama Society (ODDS) has been driven by its passion-filled members, passing down a zest that has cultivated into raw commitment that is observed in all of our training programmes. In ODDS, every student gets a chance to shine on stage. ODDS not only focuses on theatrical and public speaking skills but also students’ character development and passion for drama. Students will also be pushed out of their comfort zone to achieve their full potential.

"The ODDS has made me into an individual who is definitely more confident and responsible. Not only that, the ODDS members have proven to be a family to me. I’m able to voice out my fears and weaknesses, with the guidance and comfort from the members and teachers. Being on stage, with the audience expecting something big and amazing from you makes me feel special. Overall, my experience in ODDS has been an awesome ride and one that I would never forget."
- Fasya, 3E3


We aim to provide ODDS members with challenging performance opportunities and a wide range of theatrical and public speaking experiences so as to inspire creativity, build confidence and develop character.


Clad in all black, our ODDS members look like soldiers ready for battle. With fiery spirit in their hearts and props in tow, our members ‘charge’ towards their fort – the stage at Republic Polytechnic’s Cultural Centre. Alas, after endless gruelling rehearsals, the ODDS members, are ready to ‘break their legs’ at this year’s Human Values Drama Competition (HVDF). 

A few days later, John Kenneth Layba Agpaoa, of 3E4, is nominated for the Best Actor Award!

In theatre and drama, the process is always more valuable than the end product. As our ODDS members enter in and out of imagined battles in their theatrical journey, we are confident they will emerge to be exploratory and reflective members of the society, who have great socio-cultural awareness and sensitivity. 

We can’t agree more with Robert Redford who said that the arts ‘is a healing force’.


  • Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation 2019 - Certificate of Distinction
  • Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation 2017 - Certificate of Distinction
  • Combined Performing Arts Concert 2016
  • Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation 2015 - Certificate of Distinction

ODDS participated in the Singapore Youth Festival. Owing to the members’ hard work and commitment, the team was awarded with Certificate of Distinction for 2013, 2015 and 2017.  In 2014, ODDS made it into The Straits’ Times as two of our members bagged home both the Best Actor and Best Actress Awards for Human Value Drama Competition. The story was about an autistic boy and his family’s struggles received special mention in the news. In the same year, members performed a musical in the school’s End-of Year concert, Palette of Sensation, which amazed the audience. At the end of 2015, members participated in Fairytales’ Trail which took place in various National Libraries around Singapore. Members continue to wow the audience in 2016 with a performance for the school’s End-Of-Year concert, Rhapsodies of Youth.


1) CCA Orientation
2) Achievement Day
3) Human Values Drama Festival (HVDF)

Training Schedule

3.50 to 6.00 pm

2.30 to 6.00 pm

Student Leaders

Chairperson: Wang Xin Tian (3E4)
Vice-Chairperson: Siti Aisyah Bte Ruslan (3E2)
Discipline IC: Ketheesan Olivia Surrthi (3E4)
Logistics IC: Wan Wei Jie (3E4)
Welfare IC: Fu Kailin (3E4)
Secretary: Nyimas Fasya ‘Ayuni Bte K M H (2E4)
Sec 3 Level Coordinator: Nur Izzati Bte Zulkifli (3E1)
Sec 2 Level Coordinator: Bek Song Ze Xavier (2E4)
Sec 1 Level Coordinator: Zuryn Aisyah Bte Zainudin (2E4)


Ms Agnes Lim Siew Mei (OIC)

Ms Farhanah Bte Abdullah Sani
Mrs Kanthiri Alasa
Mrs Nirmala d/o K Peryiah