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 About Us

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Ahmad Ibrahim Warrior Scouts has been active since 1967. We have been achieving the Gold Frank Cooper Sands Award for the past 13 years. The Frank Cooper Sands Award is an award that every scout unit in Singapore strives to achieve excellence in.
As for our CCA, we normally have 2 days of CCA per week in which we organize many exciting and enriching activities for our scouts. Some examples of the skills that you will acquire through scouting are outdoor cooking, knot tying, pioneering, orienteering, drills, first-aid and exploration. We also organize games during some of our CCA days to add on to the element of fun for our scouts.

We occasionally hold inter-unit competitions in which scouts from other units can participate in. Likewise, we also participate in some competitions organized by other scout units. Furthermore, we also attend campfires held by other scout units. These campfires are a form of celebration for scouts of different units to gather and have fun together. To do our part to contribute to the society, we actively participate in national scouting activities such as our annual Jobweek and Donation Draw. Not only have that, but we also occasionally organized service learning activities. These are some examples of how you will get to serve the community through scouting.

Each year we organise a minimum of 2 camps. One will be held during the June holidays while one will be held during the end of year holidays. At times, we also hold combined CCA days with the Girl Guides. This is to allow our scouts to bond with and learn more about members from a different CCA. In addition, we also organise overseas exchange trips for our scouts to learn more about scouts from other countries while, having fun overseas. Some of our scouts are also presented with the honourable opportunity to participate in the National Day Parade on the Floating Platform. 

Some values that an AI Warrior scout will learn through scouting are leadership, discipline, brotherhood, integrity, excellence and teamwork. All the tasks that our scouts are required to accomplish will instill these values upon them, along with physical fitness as they will also be given opportunities to explore excellence there in physical capabilities. Through scouting, you will learn to break boundaries and move out of your comfort zone. Our primary objective is for our scouts to be shaped into more responsible and resilient individuals as they experience scouting.


To develop in young gentlemen courage, resilience and a sense of brotherhood


From sourcing for dried leaves and twigs, to starting a fire, to putting chopped up chicken bits to roast over his self-made cooking pit, these are part and parcel of the outdoor cooking skill set that every scout possesses.
Other survival skills include exploration hikes, modelling, and structure building, a.k.a pioneering. Indeed, his hands are trained for wonders – he navigates with map and compass in hand, his nimble fingers fashion miniature wooden models, and those same rugged hands make them a life-sized reality when they transform mere wooden spars into a bridge, a swing or even a kitchen!

Once yearly during Job Week, the scouts take to the homes of residents all over Singapore to do jobs like cleaning, gardening and tutoring, so as to learn the value of labour and exercise service to their community.

A good scout perseveres in all these challenges for the purpose of building character – independence, tenacity, and teamwork. He is also a brother to all and shies not from difficulty. It is our hope that these life skills will see them through their academic journey in AISS and brace them for life beyond.


Frank Cooper Sands Award - Gold


CCA Carnival
Achievement Day Parade
School National Day Parade
National Day Parade Contingent
Vietnam Cultural Immersion trip
National Patrol Camp 2018 


Training Schedule


3.45 to 6.30 pm

2.30 to 5.45 pm

Student Leaders

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Teachers In Charge

Ms Tania Chia Mei Lin (OIC)

Mr Mohamed Fauzi Bin Husin
Ms Ng Hui Wen
Ms Lee Jia Min