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St John Brigade Singapore

 About Us

St. John Brigade Singapore (SJBS) upholds the mottos ‘Pro Fide’ and ‘Pro Utilitate Hominum’, which stands for ‘For The Faith’ and ‘For The Service Of Mankind’ respectively. Our corps seeks to train and develop cadets into confident, reliable and clear-headed leaders who contributes to the school and community actively. 

We offer a wide variety of programmes that equip cadets with life-saving skills such as First-Aid, Home Nursing, Transportation Of Casualties (TOC) and Footdrill. Our cadets participates actively in the Annual Hospital Attachment, Annual Walkathon, and Flag Day. Our cadets also partake in leadership training programmes such as the Zone Non-Commissioned Officer Course (NCOC) and Corps Trainer Course (CTC) which helps improve cadets’ leadership skills and broaden their way of thinking. With the Cadet Proficiency Badge Scheme (CPBS), cadets are able to gain other skills through different types of enriching courses and obtain different badges such as Leadership, Nursing Care, Shooting, Heart Saver and many more.

“Being in SJBS taught me a lot of meaningful life lessons that I can never learn outside, such as being there for each other during times of need and daring to lead. It also gave me useful skills that I can use in the future such as first aid and home nursing. Despite going through hard times in this CCA, I always remind myself I am never doing this alone because my platoon is always by my side. To me, SJBS is my second family.”

- Loke Xin Yue, 5N1


Pro Fide, Pro Utilitate Hominum (For the Faith, For the Service of Humanity)


“Again, Ladies!” shouted the Company Sergeant Major. “We have to try harder! Come on! We need to win this for our school!” With sweat dripping off their foreheads and the look of sheer determination on the cadets’ faces, they shouted in unison, “Yes, Ma’am!” After dozens of rehearsals later, a satisfied smile was etched on the instructor’s face.

“Come on, gentlemen! You can do better than this! We have to show them how AI cadets evacuate the injured casualties!” The Ambulance cadets then attempted the drill again, a look of absolute grit on their faces.

It was the moment of truth. The auditorium was enveloped in an uncanny silence as the crowd waited with bated breath for the announcer to reveal the results of the 2017 Zonal First Aid competition. This prestigious competition pits the best in the zone against each other and the winners will represent the Zone in the National First Aid Competition. “Best Leader and Best Foot Drill go to the Nursing Cadets of Ahmad Ibrahim Secondary!” The crowd applauded with gusto and loud cheers! “Best Transport of Casualty – The Ambulance Brigade of Ahmad Ibrahim Secondary!” The AI cadets took a deep breath and closed their eyes, knowing all those months of sweat and tears have finally paid off. They had done it!


Gold Achievement Award for the 10th consecutive year


First Aid support at school events, i.e. Sports Carnival 
Achievement Day Parade Contingent 
National Day Parade Contingent


Training Schedule

Wednesday (Competition Training in Term 1)

3.40 to 6.00 pm

2.30 to 6.00 pm

Note: Competitions may be held on Sat

Student Leaders

Corp Sergeant Major
Tew Xin Yi  (3E4)

Regimental Sergeant Major
Azyan Binte Zaini (3N1)

Platoon Leader (Sec 2)
Avari Heng Tian Ting (3N1)

Platoon Leader (Sec 1)
Tok Zhi Qi (3N1) & Tiffany Tan Xin Fei (3T1)

Head Admin
Presha Rani Sugumaran (3E2)

Head Logistics
Amelia Michelle Jonaidy (3N1)

Teachers In Charge

Mr Roy Lim (OIC)
Ms Chia Yun Xin
Mdm Hafizhah Jamel
Mdm Shamsiah Bte Mohd Shariff