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Active Learning Programme


Applied Learning Programme (ALP)

Critical Social Inquiry and Media Literacy (CSI-ALP)

CSI-ALP Objectives: To develop students into critical thinkers, confident communicators, and effective and discerning users of media.

CSI-ALP@AISS takes a multi-disciplinary approach in which students extend their learning from existing curriculum subjects such as the Languages, Humanities, Music and CCE to explore key issues that are related to the society e.g. social, ethical and environmental issues, using a critical media literacy lens. Students collaborate to search, use, organise and evaluate rich resources such as written and visual texts, music, short films and documentaries to deepen their understanding of social issues and present their findings. Our students develop critical skills and learn to formulate their own perspectives on social issues and generate solutions.

Students will also have opportunities to participate in the interest modules and talent development programme, such as broadcasting and journalism workshops in EL and MTLs, film and media appreciation modules.

CSI-ALP Outcomes: At the end of the CSI-ALP journey, students will be able to:
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