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 About Us

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We are a group of passionate Music educators who love our subject and love teaching it even more! We believe that Music is an avenue for catharsis and expression. It is also a great opportunity for our students to develop and unleash their creative potential. 

At AISS, we believe that our students are musical, and have the ability to express themselves musically. Our comprehensive music curriculum aims to develop musical and extra-musical skills such as listening skills, singing and playing skills, fine motor skills, creative thinking skills, and social skills.



AISS is one of only four EMP (Enhanced Music Programme) schools in Singapore. We are also an O-Level Music Centre for students across Singapore who want to offer O-Level Music. As one of our school’s signature programmes, the AISS EMP is a four-year programme for Secondary One to Four students, culminating in the GCE ‘O’ Level Music examinations.

Our unique programme includes talent identification and development, mentorships and collaborations, opportunities for exposure and experiences  outside the classroom, and a supportive whole-school musical culture. We believe that music learning should encourage expression and experimentation, and provide students with the resources they need to fully immerse themselves in their craft.

Join us to experience an enriching musical journey!

Arrangement by
Joseph Ace Teo

Performance by
Darleen Hiap

Performance by
Jaden Ng

Composition by
Joseph Ace Teo

(Link here)
Composition by
Isaac Lee

(Link here)
Composition by
Rifqy Hady

(Link here)

Leadership and musical developmental initiatives and opportunities

At AISS, we believe that music-making is best experienced in authentic contexts. That’s why, apart from our focus on hands-on activities during music lessons, our students are exposed to a range of development and talent identification opportunities that allow them to participate in enrichment programmes, watch concerts and take part in performances throughout the year.

Enrichment Programmes and Workshops
      • Live Sound and Songwriting Workshop with Singapore Polytechnic and Timothy Rodrigues
      • Sonic Arts Workshop with Republic Polytechnic 
      • Foley Workshop with Republic Polytechnic
      • Gamelan Workshop with Gamelan Asmaradana
      • Indian Music Workshop with Alapana Arts
      • Concert outings to orchestral concerts, operas, etc.

      • Music Mentoring Programme with ACS(I)
      • Music Mentoring Programme with Eunoia Junior College
      • Music Mentoring Programme with YST Conservatory of Music
      • Composition Collaboration with RI (Secondary), 
      • Composition Collaboration with National Junior College

Performances, Showcases, Competitions
      • Music Technology Performance at Public Service Transformation Awards Ceremony (PSTAC) [Link]
      • SMTA Music Festival and Chamber Music Competition
      • Singapore Rhapsodies Launch Concert at the National Gallery Singapore
      • SYF Celebrations: Interactive Soundscape Music Technology Performance at National Gallery
      • SYF Celebrations: Festival Concert Music Technology Collaborative Performance at Esplanade Concert Hall
      • Performance at ACSpressivo ACS MEP concerts
      • MEP 40 Celebrations – virtual ensemble, compositions, performances

Giving back to the community
      • Tan Tock Seng Hospital Art of Healing Programme [Link]
      • Tan Tock Seng Hospital Founder’s Day Celebration (invited performers) [TTSH Performances for Founder’s Day
      • SchoolARTS@Seng Kang Hospital 
      • AESPIRE – Aesthetics Showcase Events [YouTube channel, Instagram]
      • Performances at the AI Achievement Day, National Day concerts, Teachers’ Day concerts, and Combined Performing Arts concerts

      • National Combined Schools’ MEP/EMP Camps and Showcase concerts
      • Combined Schools’ MEP/EMP Higher Education Career Fairs

Key features of the syllabus

Our comprehensive curriculum caters to various interests and aptitude levels. Students benefit from the study of Western and Asian music, Jazz and Pop, music composition, and music theory. Additionally, students in the EMP will get opportunities to perform as soloists or in ensembles, benefit from music workshops and masterclasses, and attend learning journeys and internships with local arts organisations and institutions.

We develop students’ musical knowledge and skills and aim to build up students’ competence and confidence in music in order for them to study music at a higher level. The spiral curriculum introduces topics at a foundational level, and includes foundational music skills such as elements of music, music theory, music history, aural skills, composition skills, as well as solo and ensemble performance skills.

Our students also benefit from a comprehensive enrichment programme. Students experience a wide range of musical activities in and outside of the classroom, in order to develop skills and competencies for more advanced studies in music, or to gain awareness of potential careers in Music.

Selection Test Information

We conduct auditions and interviews throughout the year as part of our talent identification process. Suitable candidates in Secondary 1 and 2 can be accepted into the programme.

Our Success Stories

Since our inception in 2016, we have had many Music students who have done exceptionally well and were successfully admitted into Music programmes in JCs and IHLs.

Adelyn Koh Xin Hui. Class of 2018. Talented young musician who has been featured in the President’s Star Charity.

Nurul Natasya. Class of 2018. Recipient of The Purple Symphony Training Award.

Koh Ming Yang. Class of 2019. DSA to Eunoia JC via Music

Gaston Liew Zhen En. Class of 2019, YTSS. DSA to Eunoia JC via Music.

Hiap Xin Yi Darleene. Class of 2020. DSA to Raffles Institution (JC) via Music. Singapore National Youth Orchestra member.

Aw Jun Hui. Class of 2020. DSA to Temasek JC via Music

Kresnarendra Aqila Sobana. Class of 2020, GDLSS. DSA to Temasek JC via Music.

Lucas Tan Jia Le. Class of 2020. SNYO training programme. Kids Philharmonic Orchestra member.

Damien Lee Zhao Kai. Class of 2020, YTSS. Eunoia JC MEP and Band. 

Tai Bing An. Class of 2020, CVSS. NAFA Foundation Programme (Music)

Wong Xin Hui Rachael. Class of 2020, NBSS. NAFA Foundation Programme (Music)

Lawrence Gabriel Angel. Class of 2021. NAFA (Music)

Talent Development

At AISS, we believe that every student should have an equal opportunity to develop their talents. We do talent identification and development through the General Music Programme as well as via the school’s AESPIRE concerts, and provide training and performance opportunities for anything from beatboxing to pen-tapping!

Nur Amirah Bte Rohaizad. Class of 2019. Represented Singapore at the Tokyo Child Aid Concert in Japan in 2018.

Kalaivani D/O Regupathy. Class of 2019. Represented Singapore at the Tokyo Child Aid Concert in Japan in 2019.

Nur Amirah Bte Rohaizad, Mohamad Shahzuie B Jaffar, Izzarilhan B Selamat. Recorded the soundtrack to the Cultural Medallion Fund Project: Nona Asiah - A Musical Journey

Sarefina Sindhu Victor. SYF Celebrations Performance at Singer-Songwriters Showcase @ Esplanade Library.

Nur Amirah Bte Rohaizad, Sarefina Sindhu Victor, Izzarilhan B Selamat, Kalaivani D/O Regupathy, Natasha Tan. SYF Celebrations Performance at Causeway Point Mall.

Ng Li Xuan, Terry Zhang. MEP40 ‘My Journey, Our Journey’ – Chinese Music Virtual Ensemble Showcase


Contact details of relevant personnel

Ms Amelia Dizon (Music Teacher) - amelia_y_dizon@moe.edu.sg
Ms Carita Chew Meng (Music Teacher)  - carita_chew_meng@moe.edu.sg
Mr Enzo Charles Victor Buttazzoni (Music Teacher) - enzo_charles_victor_buttazzoni@moe.edu.sg

Lower Secondary Music Syllabus

lower sec photo.jpg

Music lessons extend to the rest of the AISS student body as well! We offer a comprehensive yet inclusive music programme that encourages students to engage actively in music-making, no matter their foundation 

Secondary One

At this level, students will be eased back into music lessons through a series of thoughtfully curated modules. These modules are designed with activities to develop students’ confidence and appreciation for music. Students will be exposed to music from multicultural origins, to harness stronger awareness for global cultures, as well as Singapore’s own multicultural society. The following modules aim to support these endeavours:

      1. Stories We Sing –
        What better way to develop an innate musical sense than to start with singing? Students will be exposed to foundational singing knowledge and techniques, and they will proceed to apply them through singing a selection of contemporary Singapore songs (sung in Chinese, Malay or Tamil languages).

      2. Guitar –
        Singing can always be spiced up with some instrumental accompaniment. Students will be introduced to the guitar, and learn of the instrument’s origins. They will then be equipped with the knowledge and skills of playing basic chord progressions to accompany singing. 

Secondary Two

At this level, students will make music that point more towards the Popular Music genre. Tapping on their pre-requisite knowledge and skills on singing and guitar-playing from Secondary One, students will bring them over to the following modules:

      1. Keyboard –
        Students will learn about the origins and development of the keyboard. They will also be able to combine their knowledge of melodies (singing) and harmonies (guitar chords) and transfer them to keyboard playing. An updated list of Popular songs will be offered to the students to apply their singing and instrumental skills, as they present performances to their schoolmates and teachers

      2. Battle of the Bands –
        To sum up the students’ lower secondary music programme, we combine singing, guitar- and keyboard-playing, getting students to form a Pop band. Each band will arrange and perform a song cover from the song list provided in the Keyboard Module, preparing for their final showcase to their schoolmates and teachers. 


Music opens up multiple career pathways for students, not just in performing. They can choose to step into audio production and sound designing, songwriting and composing, live sound, film music composition, conducting, music therapy and many others in future! Music also develops many transferable skills such as teamwork, perseverance, creativity, and discipline. Whatever your future aspirations, the study of music will help you get there!

More Information

For more information on the music modules and exciting experiences our students have in AI, please follow us @AESPIREAISS on Instagram!

 To view our EMP video, please click here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xwD9n5WR0FI&feature=emb_title

To view the EMP & MEP Publicity Video, please click here: https://youtu.be/B33j0mVWW3g 

For more information about ‘O’ Level Music, please refer to: https://www.seab.gov.sg/docs/default-source/national-examinations/syllabus/olevel/2021syllabus/6085_y21_sy.pdf

For more information on our EMP programme, please refer to the EMP poster below:

EMP programme.png

Organisation Chart

Name Designation
Amelia Dizon
Music Teacher
Carita Chew Meng Music Teacher 
Enzo Charles Victor Buttazzoni  Music Teacher