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External Organisations

External partners as valuable resources –
strategic partnerships with the community to enhance student education outcomes

AI believes that the school is a member of the community, and that external partners are valuable resources to enhance school educational outcomes. Thus, we actively engage with external partners, be they local schools, institutes of higher learning, community, corporate, or overseas partners.

We work with partners for key school programmes as well as to complement student education at AI. Some partners that we have worked with:

    • All Saints Home
    • Chong Pang CC
    • Family Matters @ School
    • Keppel Nights
    • Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts
    • National Library Board
    • NParks
    • Northwest CDC
    • Public Utilities Board (Yishun Pond)
    • SMRT
    • The RICE Company Ltd
    • Various IHLs such as JCs, Polytechnics, ITE

Key school programmes that leverage on partnerships with external organisations include:
    • Lifelong Learning Programme – Character Development through Outdoor Learning Experience
    • Applied Learning Programme – Critical Social Inquiry and Media Literacy
    • Enhanced Music Programme
    • Work Experience Module
    • Education and Career Guidance Talks
    • AI Community Day
    • Service Learning and Values-In-Action
    • Green Education
    • Curricular programmes for English, Geography, Mother Tongue, etc

Partnership Opportunities

To explore partnership opportunities with AISS, please contact Ms Ng Sheh Feng (HOD/ Aesthetics & Craft) at Ng_Sheh_Feng@moe.edu.sg