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Ordinary Miracles@AI

Introduced in 2014, it has become an AI tradition for students to recollect significant moments that touched them in the year. We call it Ordinary Miracles@AI. It gives students the opportunity to express what they appreciate of the school, teachers and classmates.

Ordinary Miracles@AI could be amazing accomplishments by individuals, teams and classes. They are also cherished memories of school events like OLE, and the moment of pride winning a class competition. Or times when teachers and students are inspired by the team work and class spirit shown during inter-class games, Sports Carnival, Community Day and Green Day. More often than not, the ordinary miracles we love are the simple, ordinary things we do in our daily interactions that touch a heart, enlighten the minds and bring laughter to all. What we call - Little things with huge significance and deep impact. Frequently, students would write about the heartfelt sharing during class Circle Time, a kind gesture of care from teachers and classmates, and of course, the warm feeling of family as the class partakes in the well-loved Breakfast with Form Teachers. Ordinary Miracles@AI are about people and relationships.

So, as you browse the school website, enter our world and celebrate the ordinary miracles with us. This collection of ordinary miracles tells of who we are and what makes AI EXTRAORDINARY...

    Our Music Teacher, Miss Sheh Feng, featured in SchoolBag: The Education News site

With a wealth of musical experience, performing across the world and working with internationally-renowned ensembles such as the Ex Cathedra choir (UK) and NOTUS (USA) to spearheading Ahmad Ibrahim Secondary School’s Enhanced Music Programme, music teacher Miss Ng Sheh Feng has led many students to pursue their love for music. Needless to say, she is an accomplished music guide for many.
However, (cont...)

    Jessica Long received the North West Outstanding All-Rounder Student Award 2018

Jessica Long.JPG
Jessica Long of 4E4 (2018) received the North West Outstanding All-Rounder Student Award 2018 in recognition of her achievements in the following domains:

Community Service 
Her volunteerism and involvement in caring for the environment.

Congratulations, Jessica! You are an inspiration to all of us!

    AI Choir Performing at CHJIMES 2017

On 14 Mar 2017, we received a letter of compliment. It was from a member of public who attended a choir performance at CHJIMES. This is what she wrote:

"I am attending the Voices of Singapore Festival at Chijmes right now and I want to compliment the choir of Ahmad Ibrahim Secondary School for not just their stellar performance but more importantly, their demonstration of love and care for one another.

I was especially touched when I witnessed a number of the students helping their fellow choir members who are visually challenged up & down the stairs and to move into position.

Kudos to the school for providing these children with an inclusive, supportive and loving environment…. My heartfelt compliments to the choir teachers and each and every choir member of Ahmad Ibrahim Secondary School for showing us what love and care mean.

A Singaporean with a grateful heart,

    AI received the North West Outstanding School Partner Award 2018 – Bronze Award

North West Outstanding School Partner Award 2018 prize giving.PNG

This award is given to schools that had participated actively in the North West CDC programmes . Since 2016, AISS has participated in programmes such as WeCare, We Recycle @ North West, WeCare @ North West, and Bright Spots @ North West. 

Thank you to all who contributed, and congratulations to AI!

AI Students collecting newspaper.JPGWeCare Group.JPG

    AI Students received commendation

"Dear Sir/Mdm,

I was driving along Chong Pang area at around 6 pm today when I saw a student from your school assisting an elderly lady pushing her trolley of cardboard and crossing the road. Her action is rather commendable especially when she herself has a stack of books in her arms. I am impressed with her good deeds and would like to commend AISS for nurturing such a good student.

Thank you.

Nurhafeza H A Azal"

An email from Hafeza Hanem regarding our AI Student.png

    AI OLE featured in SingTeach - A Classroom Without Walls

a classroom without walls
Many might think that outdoor education merely involves giving students a chance to try their hands at fun outdoor activities. However, converting an otherwise concrete classroom into one that is surrounded by the natural environment actually provide learners with more than just that. This inspired...(cont.)

    AI Students received commendation

A member of the public shared with the school in the first week of Term 3, 2016:

‘I am writing in to you to express my gratitude to a group of your young students for their responsible act this afternoon.

We were all travelling in SMRT bus no. 965 at around 3pm when we saw smoke emitting from the bus along Gambas Avenue. A group of your students approached the lady driver and told her about the smoke in Mandarin. A female student then translated it to us and advised everyone to remain calm. The driver was reluctant to open the door because we were in the middle of the road and letting us off is very dangerous and may cause an accident. Your students convinced the driver and even helped her stop all oncoming traffic before letting us all alight safely to the side of the road. Their act of selflessness is truly commendable and is definitely praiseworthy.

I am sorry as I am unable to take their names down. Do convey my gratitude to them and a job well done for their act.

Thank you.’

    AI featured in the news: Unseen Constellation

unseen constellation.PNG The art exhibition and our VI students are featured in Straits Times Life! Section,
check it out - here

It’s a very meaningful experience visiting the exhibition, as it marks our students’ 2-year journey discovering about themselves and learning to express their hopes and dreams publicly.

    AI Students received commendation

basketball girl.jpg
Peixi (2nd from right) and her teammates

It's not whether you win or lose, it's how you play the game...

On the 18 Sep 2015, at Singapore Schools Sports Council (SSSC) Colours Award Ceremony held at CHIJ St Theresa’s Convent, the SSSC Chairman spoke at length about the spirit and values of Ahmad Ibrahim Secondary students.

Here is part of speech:

Let me share with you about what Ahmad Ibrahim Secondary School’s ‘B’ Division Basketball girls team did at the National School Games.  With just a few minutes to go, Ahmad Ibrahim gained possession of the ball in a neck to neck game.  As Ahmad Ibrahim was trying to advance, one of the players from the defending team tripped and fell. 

Ahmad Ibrahim chose to stop play to check on the opposing player who had fallen. Ahmad Ibrahim didn’t win that game. However, their teacher was immensely proud of the values and sportsmanship that his students had exhibited. In sports, it is extremely difficult to make such a moral decision, especially when you know that the decision might cost you the game. 

However, for players of Ahmad Ibrahim, we applaud their courage to stand up for what they believe was right.

5 Oct 2015

    Primary school teacher thanked AI student for returning her bag left on a bus

Helping someone without the expectation of getting something in return is important...

On the 17th of September, an Ahmad Ibrahim (AI) student found a primary school teacher’s bag that had been left on a bus and then safely returned it to the primary school. 

Later, our school received an appreciation email from the primary school teacher.  She expressed her heartfelt gratitude to an AISS boy who picked up her bag left on a bus and later returned it to her.  

“This morning at about 7 a.m., in my hurry, I alighted from the bus without my bag. I called up Yishun bus interchange but the staff told me they did not find anything. It was not until about 3p.m. when one of your boys came to my school to return the bag. He had apparently carried it to school and kept it with him so that he could return me after school. Unfortunately, I did not manage to thank him personally for his kind gesture so I did not get his name.

I hope you would highlight this kind act performed by one of your students to the school. This is a true testament to our work in education and the important role of schools in developing concerned citizens of tomorrow:) Good job AI!”

Our Principal shared the email with the whole school at a morning assembly.  The school is proud of AI students who live out the school values of care and responsibility in their actions and behaviours.  The action of the AI student has certainly warmed many hearts.

28 Sep 2015

    Students directing their determination and efforts to helping the environment at Sembawang Park

If we want to achieve something great, we should take the first step...

IMG_9100.JPG IMG_9106.JPG

On our Community Day held on 13 Mar 2015, our students fanned out with dedication to clean up Sembawang park during their service learning.
We are heartened to receive an email from a member of the public who said “Well done, boys and girls” together with photos of our students cleaning the Sembawang Park and encouraging the residents to work together towards a clean and green Singapore.

Service Learning provides opportunity for every AI student to live out Encik Ahmad Ibrahim’s spirit of service to the community, to be a good ambassador of the school and to the community, and to demonstrate values in action.